Rare Eddie Van Halen Instrumentals Surface (Audio)


I think sometimes YOU forget what a game changing effect Eddie Van Halen had on rock and roll and the way the guitar was/is played. You show me a guitarist not influenced by Eddie and I'll show you a shitty guitarist. No one since Eddie has had the kind of impact on the way the instrument is played and I don't think anyone ever will. That's right. The best is behind us.

One time, when I was interviewing Eddie, I made him laugh. I only mention that because it's so AWESOME.


The Van Halen News Desk is releasing some previously unheard Eddie instrumentals he recorded in 1983 for the soundtrack to a movie called The Wild Life. They plan on releasing several more so check their site and hit refresh over and over until a new one appears. Be dedicated. Man.

This track is called "All Fired Up". Pieces of this were used later on the fantastic OU812 track, "A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)".

The polite thing to do at this point is to start an "Eddie" chant. It's the polite thing to do.

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Pearl Jam Keeps Getting Cooler (Video)

Man, I feel such a renewed respect for Pearl Jam as of late. Do you go through those phases? I feel like Pearl Jam and I are running through a field of wildflowers in slow motion whilst the golden rays of the sun shine upon us. Is that too much?

The point is, I really dig Lightning Bolt, I admire the longevity, the consistent relevance (relevevity?) and the steadfast do- it-the-way-they-want-to-do-it-regardless-of-trends-and-sales attitude they've employed from the get go. I have vivid memories of seeing the video for "Alive" at 2 in the morning because it wasn't in day time rotation yet on MTV (This is where I should say 'when MTV actually played MUSIC videos'. They used to. If it garnered ratings like the crap they show now, they still would- I blame you for watching it still. How dare you).

I was born in the 70's, raised in the 80's and for some time lamented the fact that there would be no everlasting bands from my generation other than Metallica- not that Metallica wouldn't have been enough. They would have, but my parents got the Beatles, The Stones and Led Zeppelin. For a time it appeared as though I got...Poison. I like Poison. Poison is/are a good time. Poison isn't/aren't all time (my apologies to Brett and his Hairdana).

Pearl Jam is/are an all time band. They are one of the great rock and roll bands and they will live on forever on the t-shirts of kids and the record players of their parents. This video is an example of why- respect those who came before you by playing surprisingly kick ass versions of their songs live, exposing people who (as hard as it is for me to admit) may not have heard the song before said kick ass performance.

I'll write another post about my affinity for Van Halen. I was alive when VH began but I was young and didn't really appreciate them until I hit my teens. Eddie Van Halen changed the way the guitar was perceived. No one since has had that kind of impact. I hope someone will again though.

I could have saved you and me some time by just posting the video and saying how kick ass it is to see Pearl Jam play Van Halen's "Eruption/Ain't Talkin' Bout Love" but, man, I got into radio because of music. I didn't get into radio necessarily to tell you wacky stories about Chipmunk crime and Science oddities (although I will TOTALLY keep doing that- someone has to). MUSIC is the reason you listen, MUSIC is the reason I wrote this. MUSIC. The caps make it more dramatic. WAY MORE.

I feel like if we were in the same room, we'd embrace, lock hands and engage in some sort of sing along.

Hey. Check out Pearl Jam's kick ass version of  Van Halen's "Ain't Talkin' Bout Love." Man.

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Happy Birthday Alex Van Halen (Video)

Alex Van Halen turns 60 today. Wild, man. Due to his brother's Guitar God Genius, he doesn't always get his due. It's like playing basketball along side Michael Jordan. That's not to say Alex is Scottie Pippen though. HE's WAY better than Scottie Pippen.

He's on the all time rock and roll drummer list- top 10 easy.

When I was a kid I watched Van Halen : Live Without A Net (on VHS...damn right) literally 1 zillion times. Literally. This clip is the solo from it. If you are a drummer, watch it, then feel justifiably not worthy.

Yeah, 1 zillion. Literally.


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David Lee Roth Mini Documentary Online (Video)

How do you spell bose de bose de bop diddy bop? I haven't watched this yet but even if you don't like David Lee Roth, he is a really interesting guy. EVERY singer in the 80's hard rock scene wanted to be him. There were bands assembled by record companies and record producers specifically to be the next Van Halen.

I've also posted the new LL Cool J songs featuring Eddie Van Halen. I like Eddie's parts on the songs but LL is super rich and he sounds like he's trying too hard to be upset. I know what that sounds like because I do it sometimes too. LL and I are a lot alike. Have you ever seen us in the same place at the same time? Exactly.

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