Metallica, Lang Lang ‘One’ Rehearsal Video Released (Video)

I've always been fascinated by video like this. I think it's cool to see creative people create their creations. This is like watching one of those cooking shows but instead of food, all the ingredients are ROCK.

Obviously this is Metallica so some people are just going to hate it out of the gate because that's how you do. Hater.

Since their performance on the Grammys I've spent some time listening to Lang Lang's stuff and he's really great. PLUS, his first name and last name are the same. That's not just easy for him, it's easy for all of us. I have a lot of crap to remember on a  given day and I can appreciate the kind gesture his parents made by naming giving him the same first name as his last name. You should do that for your next kid: Johnson Johnson or Smith Smith. Make it easy on all of us.

Metallica is/are working on the follow-up to 'Death Magnetic'. They're probably doing it RIGHT now. Whoa.

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Metallica’s Freeze ‘Em All Gig Posted (Video)

Full video of what Metallica frontman (pronounced frontmun) James Hetfield calls the  "the most memorable concert in Metallica history" is placed above these words here. As with anything Metallica does, people will bash it. It's just become a thing people do. A BORING, TIRED thing people do. If your band could play Antarctica why wouldn't you? Sure, your band may not generate the buzz Metallica generates but you could rock that little (seemingly pointless) dome. I know you could.

Why is the dome there? It looks like a jungle gym. Is it a jungle gym? That makes it even cooler!

"Hey guys. Do you want to play Seek & Destroy inside a jungle gym in Antarctica?" See? How could they say no?

The only sad thing about this video is the poor varmint whose tail was removed so the reporter could imbibe it with some sort of voodoo magic to turn it into a microphone. Why didn't someone tell her about regular microphones??!!! Poor tailless Antarctican varmint.

Metallica is/are now back in California set to work on their new record.

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Kirk Hammet To Host A Horror Fest

If you read that wrong it sounds like something totally different. Horr-or fest. Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett will host  Kirk Von Hammett's Fear FestEvil, in San Francisco. The three-day event will take place on February  6th, 7th and 8th  and will feature vending, some live music, "Kirk's Crypt" private tours, panels, signings, special guest appearances and more.  You're not really metal if you don't like horror. Horr-or.


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Metallica Release New Music! Kidding. More Movie Stuff (Video)

I'm not going to expend the typing energy. It's a precious resource. You know about this movie. Here are two 'making of' episodes. I'm kind of over this, man. Release the movie. For the love of God. How long have we been talking about this?

This is my last post about this movie until I've seen it.



Episode 2:

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Queen + James Hetfield Play Stone Cold Crazy (Video)

This  isn't new but it's badass. Like me. I'm not as new as I once was either but I'm obviously still a badass. You can tell it's not new because Hetfield still had the Wizard Of Oz Cowardly Lion motif going.

Queen is such an interesting band because they have some really awful songs in their catalog. In fact, I think MOST of their songs are somewhere between bad and REALLY bad but, man, their good songs are GOOD. Stone Cold Crazy is GOOD.

A single-disc Blu-ray and three-disc DVD "definitive" edition of the 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, featuring all the combined footage from previous releases with some never before seen, will be issued sometime this fall.

Other performers include, Guns N Roses, Robert Plant, David Bowie,  Roger Daltrey and more.

Flash! Ahhhaaaa!

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Metallica Movie Clips (Video)

Metallica has/have released two clips from their upcoming filmstravaganza Metallic Meets The Phantom Of The ParkIn the film, they dress up as Kiss and act really poorly. It's a super weird concept for a movie.

The 3D IMAX film  is showing at film festivals before its wide release on October 4th. The soundtrack will be out on September 24th.

Here's another (real) clip:

Clip 2:

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