Leaf Blowers Are Stupid. And They Are Not Jet Packs.

A Leaf Blower

A Leaf Blower



I used a leaf blower today. I use a leaf blower quite often. I use the backpack kind pictured above because, I mean, it's the badassest kind of leaf blower you can get and I am a badass. So..duh. Sure, I could use a broom but using that logic, I could churn butter and chop down a forest with an ax to build my family home.


The thing about leaf blowers is, we essentially use them to blow our crap to our neighbors' house. 'Here you go, buddy, I have some leaves, dust and assorted weed spores comin' your way!' I don't really know how it is we even tolerate the use of leaf blowers. They're loud, move my junk to your house machines.

The WORST thing about them is, they look like 1970's style jet packs.

Jet Pack International

Jet Pack International

Leaf blowers are NOT jet packs but, look at it. It LOOKS like a jet pack. It isn't though. A jet pack could blow leaves, easy but a leaf blower cannot fly you anywhere.

Leaf blowers are stupid. Jet packs will ALWAYS be awesome.

Chin up, leaf blowers. You're no jet pack but you'll always be better than brooms.

Suck it, brooms.



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