Guns N Roses Movie: Axl Rose In 3D (Video)

So I typically like to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Continually discussing Axl Rose even though he's done nothing of note since 'Chinese Democracy' (which I actually like) is the problem. The solution is to not discuss him or the band he calls Guns N Roses anymore. So why do we? I'll tell you why: Appetite For Destruction. That record is one of the greatest Rock And Roll records of all time. All time. Not just of the 80's. Of all time. You don't have to like it, you don't have to agree with it...unless you want to be right.

No one involved in that record will ever match or top it. That's the problem with greatness. Once you do something great, you're forever judged based on that greatness. My advice would be to keep it mediocre with occasional flashes of pretty awesome.

I'd also advise against stupid hats and Hulk Hogan facial hair but Axl won't listen.

There will be a Guns N Roses 3D release of 'Appetite For Democracy' in April. This trailer will totally make you want to go.....somewhere other than anywhere this movie is playing.

I know it's tired but I just can't see this band and call them Guns N Roses. I know we as a society should move on and I'd rather not be one of those, 'That isn't GnR' people. But I am one of those people. Those people.

I think Axl is in a really tough spot but he also put himself there. He also put those hats on his head. They're bad hats.

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Queen + James Hetfield Play Stone Cold Crazy (Video)

This  isn't new but it's badass. Like me. I'm not as new as I once was either but I'm obviously still a badass. You can tell it's not new because Hetfield still had the Wizard Of Oz Cowardly Lion motif going.

Queen is such an interesting band because they have some really awful songs in their catalog. In fact, I think MOST of their songs are somewhere between bad and REALLY bad but, man, their good songs are GOOD. Stone Cold Crazy is GOOD.

A single-disc Blu-ray and three-disc DVD "definitive" edition of the 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, featuring all the combined footage from previous releases with some never before seen, will be issued sometime this fall.

Other performers include, Guns N Roses, Robert Plant, David Bowie,  Roger Daltrey and more.

Flash! Ahhhaaaa!

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