Another Reason To Like Dave Grohl (Video)

I fear that Dave Grohl has become so universally loved that a backlash is imminent. It's just the way people do. When someone appears to be too likeable we have to figure out reasons to NOT like them. You so crazy like that.

I will not jump on your Dave Grohl Backlash Wagon though, it is  a great band name.

Dave has teamed up with Los Angeles singer/songwriter Taylor Greenwood for her song "Sing You To Sleep." It's a lullaby. All the proceeds from the song go to Project Night Night, an organization providing items like gift bags, stuffed animals, books and blankets to homeless children.

The single is available for a pay what you want download, here. It's a sweet song and it's a incredibly sweet charity.

Somehow, people will find a way to make homeless children charity a bad thing. That's what the internet is for, after all.

Foo Fighters are working on their 8th record. It will be awesome.

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Foo Fighters Play A Pizza Parlor (Video)

The Foo Fighters played a pizza parlor. Listen, man. You might be a cool guy. You might know some cool guys. You're not Dave Grohl cool. If there were a cool guy monarchy system in place he'd wear a crown and wield a jewel encrusted staff. He'd be a totally awesome king too.

The band played a FULL set- 23 songs- which would appear to be in preparation for their upcoming Mexico City gig. Regardless of the reason it's so damn cool. I think the thing that makes Dave (I call him by his first name because we're pretty amazingly great friends) so cool is his obvious LOVE of music and his love for what he does. He seems to appreciate it and revel in it. You see so many guys in his position get to be kind of jaded and joyless (that's TOTALLY how I'd be...I hope to be someday), he legitimately seems to love what he does AND he's GREAT at it. I can tell you that I would be personally crushed if he turned out to be anything but the most awesome guy ever.

I may be in love with him.

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Dave Grohl Can See The Future (Video)

Dave Grohl can either see into the future or he owns/operates a time traveling device. OR, he's confident. He says 2014 will be  a big year for Foo Fighters. They've already written a full album's worth of material (unless he's a liar) and they plan on recording it in a way that no one else has ever recorded. I'm hoping the album will be recorded on to pizza and you can listen to it WHILE you eat it. That part is just speculation though. He goes on to say, that we STILL don't have flying cars in the year 2057. Dammit.

Here is the band performing Wasting Light in its entirety just because it's cool.

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