Chevelle Debuts Another Cool New Song (Audio)

You know how you always say 'I liked their old stuff' when you're asked about ANY band because that's what everyone says? Well, I felt pretty disinterested in Chevelle's early stuff. I didn't NOT like it but I never listened to it on my own, non radio, time.

This is a case where I actually prefer the NEW stuff. I don't think anyone has ever said that about any band...until now. This is a historic post.

Anyway, I started really digging them on their last record 'Hats Off To The Bull'  and, based on what I've heard from the new record, 'La Gargola' (Spanish for 'the gargler'...I think), I'll like this on even more. The new song is called 'Hunter Eats Hunter'. 'La Gargola' will be out on April 1st.

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