Science Corner – Cyborg Drumming Edition (Video)

A professor at a Georgia Tech Lab has invented a prosthetic arm attachment that allows an amputee to play the drums. Professor Gil Weinberg, who invented the device, and speaks with an accent that smacks of Super Villainy created the arm to take the place of fingers. The device holds two drum sticks, one that is controlled by sensors in the musician's arm and another that "listens" to the music being played and improvises its own tune.

Obviously people will now complain about how lucky that one-armed guy is because he gets to use that drum arm that helps him play better. You know because being able to play awesome drum parts is way better than having two arms. There is no doubt in my mind that this device will be used for evil someday. Maybe just in a petty crime sort of way but it will be used for evil. For now though, it's pretty damn cool that any device could allow someone to do something they couldn't do before it was invented.

Science, ma man.

You've just been Scienced.

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