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Bits & Snatches Shortcast

If you wante to read, you wouldn't be listeing to a podcast. Reading is for suckers. I talk about: Single people and their super low self esteem Mystery vacations for idiots who are idiots America... Read more

That Time I Talked To Gwar (Audio)

that-time-i-talked-to-gwar-audio So I think we tend to go overboard when famous people die. We make them way more talented and way more important than they actually were when they lived. It’s an odd thing, I don’t usually get but... Read more

DarbyRadio|Bits&Snatches Podcast #39

It's been some time since I've actually done one of these. I know it's been hard on you. It hasn't. I'm now listed in Stitcher! I love Stitcher so if you're a user, listen there. Buddy.   It... Read more

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