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M.I.L.T. = Music I'm Listening To

Another week, more great music. We live in a pretty cool time, ma man. We have so much access to so many things instantaneously. In some ways that's  a bad thing because I think it can make us lazy. It can put you in a consume mode where all you're doing is downloading and compiling but not really taking time to enjoy the digital delights you're acquiring. That's partly the reason I have my typing people type this for me every week. It forces me to put on some headphones and LISTEN to new music, in many cases, from artists I've never heard before. It's a joy really. The typing part is less of a joy, hence the typing staff I employ. Just know that a poorly (barely) paid typist is taking dictation from me whilst I sit in my golden throne, sipping from a jeweled chalice and dramatically waving a scepter around.

On to my picks for new music released on 3-4-14.

Revivalists / Wind Up Records

Revivalists / Wind Up Records

The Revivalists 'City Of Sound'

The Revivalists are from New Orleans and have a rock, funky vibe infused with horns. I dig horns. I was TOTALLY first chair alto saxophone back in High School so I always like hearing horns. Really cool record. There are some sonic similarities to Kings Of Leon in some places I guess but these guys really are a cool mix of different sounds that work really well together. The singer has an earthy voice with some cool textures. I'm so tired of the standard singer sound. David Shaw has the vocal qualities that resonate with me. I'm looking forward to spending even more time with this one and I will certainly look for chances to see them live. Check their YouTube page for more samples but here is a video for the song 'Criminal':


Innovative Leisure Records

Innovative Leisure Records

Nick Waterhouse 'Holly'

I saw a post on the Nick Waterhouse FB page from someone who said 'Where have you been all my life?'. I kind of feel the same way. He hails from California via the 1960's. I'm certain he is a time traveler and has taken the music from his time, recorded it during OUR time, resulting in a timeless quality without sounding old. It's SO good. I don't know what else to say about it but I do know I will be buying every record he makes from here on out. I also plan on locating and using his time machine.

Brutal Panda Records
Brutal Panda Records

Wild Throne 'Blood Maker'

And now for something completely different. Dude. Wild Throne is/are badass. The Bellingham, Washington band sounds to me like a mix of Dillinger Escape Plan and Mastodon with some doom-y Black Sabbathness sprinkled in. As those are three of my all time favorite bands, there is no way to go wrong on this one. They add a sound all their own to that mix and I just may have found one of my new favorite bands and a record that will ABSOLUTELY be on my year-end best list. The only negative is the fact that 'Blood Maker' is an EP and not an LP. You will be hearing more from these guys. Know it.

Relapse Records

Relapse Records

Nothing 'Guilty Of Everything'

Nothing would I guess be described as heavy shoegaze rock. And while that is a ridiculous label, the band is fantastic. And speaking of labels, they're on one of the most consistently great record labels on the planet in Relapse Records. If I get a package from Relapse Records, I ALWAYS listen to it immediately. ALWAYS. Notice the TWO capped ALWAYSes. Now, three.

This record has a big, atmospheric sound with sometimes swirling and other times plodding guitar walls. If you dig bands like Jesu and Deafheaven (as noted on their FB page) and maybe even Neurosis, you should give these guys a whirl. Cool.

Dangerbird Records

Dangerbird Records

Ume 'Monuments'

How do you say Ume? Is it oom? U Me? Oomee? Big questions there. There is NO QUESTION regarding the coolness of this record. A female fronted rock trio from Austin, Texas, Ume delivers an (at times) heavy, melodic, memorable record of coolness. I just get the idea that the band members are probably cooler than me which is something I look for in my rock bands. It is rock too. There is nothing electronic here - guitars, bass, drums, vocals.

However you SAY Ume, you should listen to them.

Columbia Records

Columbia Records

Pharrell Williams 'Girl'

Pharrell Williams needs more pub so I thought I'd help him out. He doesn't. He's an incredibly talented guy, man. He's also one of the coolest dudes out there. Did you see that hat he wore on the Grammy's? No way in hell I could pull that off. You couldn't either. This record is a good time. Fun, upbeat stuff that continues the sound you already probably know from him. Pharrell is cool. Cooler than us. Accept it.

Here's the full Spotify playlist of all the stuff I'm digging this week:

I could go on and on. Another great week. Let me know what you're liking via e-mail or carrier pigeon.

A quick list of some other cool stuff:

The Men "Tomorrow's Hits" (rock)

Eternal Summers "The Drop Beneath" (cali garage rock)

Black Milk "Glitches In The Break" (hip hop)

The Soft White Sixties   "Get It Right" (rock)

Asgier "In The Silence" (folk/singer songwriter)

Axxa/Abraxxas "Axxa/Abraxas" (rock)

Various Artists "Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert" (rock)

Drive By Truckers "English Oceans" (country/southern rock)

Real Estate "Atlas" (alt rock)

Comeback Kid "Die Knowing" (punk/metal)

BigElf "Into The Maelstrom" (psychedelic rock/metal)

Destrage "Are You Kidding Me? No." (metal)

Kid Cudi "Satellite Flight" (hip hop)

Kandle "In Flames" (folk-rock?)

Linda Perhacs "The Soul Of All Natural Things" (trippy folk)





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