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M.I.L.T. = Music I'm Listening To

I'm late with this one. This is where I'd type an excuse if  I felt like it was needed. I feel like you have other stuff going on so I think we can both move forward. I'm watching the Avalanche vs. Blackhawks and (responsibly) drinking a beer as I type this so if...WHEN... I randomly type expletives that will be why.

This week isn't as girthy as last week but there's still some really cool stuff to check out. Put on some headphones, grab a beer (if you
're of age) and turn on the Blackhawks game. Or Avs game depending on your point of view.

On to my new music picks for the release week of 3-11-14.

New Damage Records

New Damage Records

Biblical 'Monsoon Season'

I suck at describing a band's sound. You've probably noticed that. That's why I like to post the videos. I let the music do the talking. Guy. Why do they KEEP showing clips from the last time the  Hawks and Avs played? Dicks. Anyway, this Biblical  record is so damn good. It's heavy, spacey, sometimes Motorhead-y and full of vibe and atmosphere. It makes you feel like you're somewhere other than where you are. That is NOT the beer either. Listen to it on headphones, like I am right now as I type this, and (responsibly) drink and watch hockey. They're on what is turning into a RAD record label called New Damage, whose roster includes Ken Mode, Danko (effing) Jones and more.

I really love this record and the cover is righteous. I'm going to search for a legal song/video I can post. Hold on...

And I can't find one to post but you can HEAR a song at the Pitchfork site.

Hey, New Damage Records and/or Biblical. Let me post a song.

Either way. COOL record. Check it.

Tee Pee Records

Tee Pee Records

The Shrine 'Bless Off'

Speaking of rad record labels, The Shrine is/are on Tee Pee Records. Yet another AMAZING label. I'd like to work for them. They have so many bands I love under their umbrella of super fantasticnicity.

The Shrine deliver dirty, guitar heavy metal. I smell booze and weed when I listen to it. And although the latter is now legal here in Colorado, I do not partake so I know it's the record. I listen to the records I'm writing about whilst I write about them. The song playing now is 'Worship' but they pronounce it Warship. Whoa....that's wild. Really though, I dig this band, there are GREAT BIG guitar riffs and there are no Pro Tools anywhere near this thing. It's raw and it's badass.

Here's a promo video:


Imperial Galactic / Black Mammoth / Warner Music UK

Imperial Galactic / Black Mammoth / Warner Music UK

Royal Blood 'Out Of Black E.P.'

Props to my man Doug Wylde at The Rock 106.9 for being Royal Blood  early. He's a smart man. He's also my boss in Grand Junction but he can't read so this is not asskissery. If you dig cool grooves, heavy, slightly fuzzy guitar based rock and roll then this is your jam, buddy. There are a lot of rock bands but not as many rock & ROLL bands. The roll is an important ingredient. These guys have the roll. There are only 2 guys in the band. They have a monkey or a sea lion or something playing bass but there are only two dudes in the band. It sounds much bigger than two dudes and a sea lion (their original name).


Epitaph Records

Epitaph Records


Architects 'Lost Forever/Lost Together'

Architects are, I guess, are considered metal core. I don't always like bands who are considered to be metal core but this record is heavy when it is and the melody parts are really good, man. This is a good band to get a lady friend in your life interested in heavier music because there is some tenderness present. Ladies like tenderness. Why do I have to tell you everything about ladies? You're lucky we're friends.


Mumbleak Music

Mumbleak Music

Mideau 'Way With Words E.P.'

Man, I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff. I don't know what you'd categorize it as but the woman, Libby Linton, has a really pretty, emotive voice. The other half of Mideau is Spencer J Harrison and I think he's probablty used to playing second fiddle the Libby. I'm not saying either of them play the fiddle or that if they both did, his fiddle would be slightly inferior. I'm just saying that a dude in a band with a woman with a pretty voice will always play second fiddle. Ask John Oates about that.

This sounds NOTHING like anything else I've posted today, so don't freak out.

Okay then. Those are my favorites this week. What are you digging? You never tell me. Dammit.

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