M.I.L.T. New Music Picks – Week Of 3-18-14 (Part 1)

M.I.L.T. = Music I'm Listening To

So, due to your busy schedule and NOT my desire to milk more mileage out of these posts, I'm going to start splitting these New Music Picks posts into two. It's like splitting the atom in a way. But not at all really. These posts can get kind of long and none of us have that kind of attention span anymore. You left already, didn't you? Dammit.

Part one will be posted on Wednesdays followed by part two on Thursday. I'm just trying to make it better for you, buddy.

Volume IV / Ripple Music

Volume IV / Ripple Music

Volume IV 'Long In The Tooth'

I haven't seen it written but I have to assume Volume IV get their name from Black Sabbath's 'Vol 4'. You hear Sabbath, Mastodon, Down and bands of the like in Volume IV's sound. The sound is good, heavy, and Southern-y. They're less gloomy than Sabbath, less prog than Mastodon but if you dig any of those bands (and you'd better) check out Volume IV.


Razor & Tie Records

Razor & Tie Records

The Pretty Reckless "Going To Hell"

I'm pretty sure younger me would have pretended not to like The Pretty Reckless because their singer Taylor Momsen was a child actor and played Wendy Lou Who in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Young me was kind of an idiot though so I don't pay much attention to what eh would have thought. I don't know how many actor bands I've liked other than the FANTASTIC Don Johnson record (with Dweezil Zappa) "Heartbeat" but I like this. I like her voice a lot, man. Sure she shows herself nearly nude a lot but it's SO MUCH HARDER for women in rock than it is for men so, I think she's in kind of  a tough spot. If you KNOW that dummies will check out your band because they saw your butt on a poster, wouldn't you consider printing up butt posters? I would. In fact, I maybe have. I'll hit that in another post though.

The point is, if dudes had to show their butts to get attention in a STUPIDLY female dominated musical genre, you couldn't get them to wear pants.

The record is cool and maybe eventually women will have an easier road in rock. It would certainly make things more interesting.


I just watched that and it really isn't THAT bad. Is it? Miami Vice is still an awesome show. I bought this cassette when it came out. I know a lot of the words. Most of them. All of them?


I Am The Avalanche / I Surrender Records

I Am The Avalanche / I Surrender Records

I Am The Avalanche 'Wolverines'

I Am The Avalanche are an NYC punk band. I don't like punk rock as much as I want to. I want to like it but I don't like much of it. I DO like this though. It's punk rock with good hooks, sing along melodies but it isn't poppy nonsense punk. For the record, I like all sorts of poppy nonsense but I don't care for the poppy punk bands. I dig this.


Big Scary / Barsuk Records

Big Scary / Barsuk Records

Big Scary 'Not Art'

 Big Scary is/are from Australia. The duo likes to wrestle alligators, punch kangaroos and drink super big beers. Are any of those stereotypes accurate? I don't know a lot of (any) Aussies so I don't know but I like to think they're ALL true. This is good stuff, stereotypes aside. It's a cool, get mellow and chill music. So, get mellow and chill. You know you should more often than you do. This isn't what you'll listen to right before you fight in your debut UFC bout but you may listen after. If your conscious. That stuff can be dangerous.


That's part one of the list. Come back tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion and find out if Lassie gets Timmy out of the well.

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