M.I.L.T. New Music Picks – Week Of 3-18-14 (Part 2)

To read part one of this week's new music picks, click this way.

Now that you're all caught up, let's get to part 2 of my picks for new music released the week of 3-18-14.

Century Media Records

Century Media Records

Vampire 'Vampire'

First of all, how in THE hell has there not been another band named Vampire? Secondly, this wasn't going to be on my list at all but I just kept listening to it and here it is. I'm not sure these guys are ACTUAL vampires but I do know the singer is named Hand Of Doom. Obviously that makes no sense at all but this is blackened death metal ma man and it doesn't have to. I rarely know the lyrics to black metal and it's likely for the best. There is no wheel reinvention taking place here but if you dig this type of metal, you will dig this. It's also worth noting that someone by the name of Ratwing is responsible for 'battery' and when they play live, they have a guitarist named Centaur. I joke but I dig this. On a side note, I would like to be called Voice/Typist Of Doom going forward. I won't answer to anything else.

Atlantic Records

Atlantic Records

Smith & Meyers 'Acoustic Sessions Part 2'

As you likely know, Smith is Brent Smith and Meyers is Zac Meyers of Shinedown. They go by Smith  Meyers for record company reasons. That's all that you need to know about that. I've been a Shinedown fan for some time and my fandom was solidified the first time I interviewed Brent several years ago. He's s good dude and he gets it.  He gets the importance of the band's fans, he gets the importance of radio to the band's career and dude can SING.

This is the second batch of acoustic covers and it's awesome, man. He out Jon Bon Jovis Jon Bon Jovi and he nails the Adele song which is crazy hard to do. I'm singing it now and he sounds WAY better than me. Both of these discs could have been un-inspired, cash grabs gone horribly wrong but I really like what they do with the songs.

A full, proper Shinedown record is on the horizon as well..

Hopeless Records
Hopeless Records

Taking Back Sunday 'Happiness Is'

Taking Back Sunday have been around, doing what they do for a long time now and I've always liked them. They've been on indy labels, major labels, no labels and I just know, if they put a record out, I will dig it. No exception here. I really like this band. I'm listening to a song called 'Stood A chance' from the record right now and it's just good, catchy awesome music. I wish it were less windy on my patio though.....on a side note.


Secretly Canadian Records

Secretly Canadian Records

The War On Drugs 'Lost In A Dream'

The War On Drugs are big Bob Dylan fans. The singer sounds Dylan-esque for sure and I really like it. These guys are definite fans of the storytelling songwriters like Dylan and Springsteen. They even have a sax player. The record is full of mood, experimentation, texture, fantastic melodies and it gets better every time I listen to it. I think this is one I'll by typing about for my year's best list.

And that's the list. Let me know what you're into!

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