(Lack Of) Site Updates

Hey buddy. I know you think this site is the only reason to pay your internet bills so you've probably...DEFINITELY been pretty bummed out by the unsteady stream of updates as of late. It's mainly due to me not wanting to spend time typing and the fact that I run numerous (mostly) sinister enterprises so I'm forced to prioritize and this site does not make me money. If you give me money, that would be cool. Give me money.

Things should go back to normal soon and I have some cool plans for the site so I hope you'll stay with me. You can subscribe to get e-mails when the site is updated which could free up all that time you've been using maniacally hitting refresh over and over again.

You're the best!

Oh and I'm hardly ever on any Social Media platforms anymore because they will clearly lead to the downfall of mankind and I kind of loathe them. Can you kind of loathe something?

Anyway, best place to contact me is here on the site. Or with morse code. Or smoke signals. Or carrier pigeons. Or baseball style dugout hand gestures.

I DO plan on typing my new music picks for this week. That should show up sometime tonight...

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