Get The Hell Off My Lawn Classic Album Of The Week 3-18-14

This will be a new weekly feature giving me a chance to discuss some cool older records that you may or may not have and may or may not have even heard of. We all have records in our collection we love and wonder why the hell EVERYONE doesn't love them. This feature will also include albums you just have to have in your collection if you ever plan on being thought of as cool by your peers. I'm here to help. I know you may be thinking, "wait, you're cool?"

You kind of have me on that one.

Not all of them will be obscure. In fact, most probably won't but they will all be records I love and I think you could also love them. It's like a matchmaking service but instead of pairing sad, lonely singles, I'm pairing awesome music with even awesomer (a word) people. Yeah. I DID just kiss up.

The word 'classic' is totally subjective and we all have our own 'classics'. These are mine. The good/BAD thing about bloggery is ANYONE can do it. Anyone.



Slash Records

Slash Records

I'm going to kick it off with one of the most influential bands of the 90's and one of my all time favorites, Faith No More. 'Angel Dust' followed up 'The Real Thing' (which featured 'Epic'....NOT their only song). It's the second album to feature the brilliant Mike Patton but it's the first record he had a real impact on as the band had 'The Real Thing' almost entirely written before Patton joined the band, replacing Chuck Mosely. I'll most likely highlight some Chuck Mosely era FNM at some point and I will DEFINITELY be highlighting some of Mike Patton's other projects.

'Angel Dust' is an over all darker sounding record than it's predecessor although the song 'Small Victory' will make you want to dance. You're a good dancer so you should go with it. Talk to bands like Korn, Deftones, Nirvana, Metallica and Alice In Chains next time you see them and they, along with countless others, will sing the praises of Faith No More. Most FNM faithful would likely pick this one as their favorite. I loved the follow ups, 'Album Of The Year' and 'King For A Day..' as well so, I don't know if I have a favorite record from them but I do know this one is a needed addition to your collection if it's not already there.  Your collection needs it.

"Midlife Crisis"

"Small Victory"


I'm always up for hearing about your favorite records. Hit me up. Buddy.

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