IOS 7 Turns Your iPhone Into A Time Machine [TechTastic]

It doesn't. But you should know that, man. It also doesn't make your phone waterproof as this (pretty damn real looking) fake ad claims. You should know that too, though. Man. I mean, yes, this is pretty mean (yet still funny) but if you have an iPhone you HAVE to know that something on the INSIDE of the phone cannot in any way make the OUTSIDE of the phone waterproof. It CAN, however, make your iPhone bulletproof. It's AMAZING! Try it. OR, wait until you get in a shoot out with your arch rival in the center of town (who I really hope is named Black Bart). Position the iPhone right over your heart. It's a can't lose scenario!


If you submerge your phone upon viewing this ad, without double checking, you deserve a water logged, ruined, $600 phone. Man.

By the way...TechTastic MIGHT be the name of a new segment on the show about tech and nerd stuff. Good name? Bad name?

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