Streaming Seether (Audio)

Seether has/have posted a song called "Blister" online at The track  was recorded as a B-side during the sessions for the Karma And Effect album way back in 2005. The song will be included on the forthcoming greatest hits/ cash grab double disc,  Seether 2002 - 2013 which you can (but shouldn't) buy on 10/29. I like Seether but I can't condone greatest hit packages - especially in this digital age. Why buy music you already have? You bought it once. You've done your part. This (double) disc is not condoned!

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Knitting Whilst Running Vs A Space Jump(Video)

So, I think in theory, those Go Pro helmet cams are very cool. The cameras are cool. The tedious nonsense people record with them is in most cases not at all cool. Case in point: you, walking to the bus stop, getting on the bus, riding the bus, then getting off the bus is NOT cool video. Don't film that. Stop it. How much time do you think we all have? And how dare you think that the time we DO have should be used watching your commute.

How dare you.

I've posted two videos here that exhibit my point perfectly. In the first clip, a guy knits while he runs. NO. I'm not kidding. He knits and runs. In the process of this Herculean, totally helmet cam worthy feat, he also breaks a world record....for being the least cool man of ALL time. All. Time. In the second video Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a spaceship. He jumped out of a space ship. To be fair, he was not knitting. Lame.

To wrap all this up: knitting will never be cool but scarves and mittens are and jumping out of a spaceship will always make for better video than a POV clip of some dude eating cereal.

Check back later because I'll be uploading POV video of me writing this post. In your face, Felix Baumgartner.

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A Halloween-y Way To Lose Friends (Video)

A British costume company is offering to organize "fright mobs" for people wanting to terrify their friends. It's what good friends do. "Hey, man, I really value your friendship so I thought I'd pay someone to cause you a good pant soiling. Because I care."

This company called Morphsuits has already staged two "fright mobs" on the underground (that's London-ese for subway) and in a gym. For whatever reason, I don't imagine people in London going to the gym. I mean, I guess dudes in London pump iron and spot their bros but I guess I imagine British people fencing or rowing or getting their arses handed to them in the Revolutionary War (bam!).

Anyway, if you'd like me to gather some people up and scare your friends so badly that they will be scarred forever and spend the rest of their days plotting your grizzly demise, give me a shout.



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Giant Asian Wasps Are Going To Get You!!! [Science Corner]



These giant wasps have actually killed people and injured hundreds in a wave of attacks in central China. The wasps, also known as Vespa mandarinia have reportedly chased victims and stung some people as many as 200 hundred times. The venom from the stings can cause anaphylactic shock and kidney failure. The queen bee can grow to quite disturbing sizes.


When I become a super villain (it is a WHEN not an IF), my name will be Vespa Mandarinia and I will wear a wasp themed spandex outfit. My evil lair will be a giant hive. I'm perfecting my evil laugh away from world domination.


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Man Grows Nose On Forehead [Science Corner]

Hey, ma man, you have some....nose on your forehead.

Surgeons at a hospital in China have grown a new nose on the forehead of a man who injured his nose. The operation requires doctors to place a skin tissue expander on the man's forehead, cut into the shape of a nose, and plant a piece of cartilage from his ribs. The team hopes to complete the transplant soon.

No telling what they'll grow on his forehead next but I know what you're thinking. Sicko.

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I’ll Show You A Full Moon! [Science Corner] (Video)

Batten down your science hatches. I'm about to Science you.


As we ALL know, NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has been circling the Moon for over four years, gathering data and photos of the lunar landscape. They've now utilized space age polymers to cobble some of those images together. The video  presents a first-ever look at the rotating Moon. (I'll show you a rotating moon).

Did you know the moon rotated? Of course you did. We don't see it spin because it always has the same face pointed towards us. The time it takes for the Moon to rotate once is 27 days, the same as the time it takes to go around the Earth. Other than in photos -- and now this video -- the only people who've ever seen the far side of the Moon are the Apollo mission astronauts. So, in essence, we are ALL astronauts now! Don't pee in your suit. Sicko.

You've just been Scienced!

(Check back for the audio component of this story. It will air on the 9/18 edition of my radio show for those of you in one of my markets.)

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