Eat My Voice! Eat it! [Science Corner](Video)

Some art and science nerds at Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom have built a futuristic suit that collects the carbon dioxide exhaled from the gnarly lungs of singing humans. This carbon dioxide feeds algae, which grows during the performances and is later prepared and served.

Is the taste quality relative to the voice quality? I don't know, but it if its, that is some rank ass algae.

You've just been scienced!

Full story here.

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Science Corner – Creepy Japanese Space Robot [Video]

You so creepy Japanese Space Robot. What is being called the 'first talking humanoid robot in space' space. It/he/she is super creepy. Look at that creepy little bastard. Look at those little camera eyes, staring through your soul. I think calling this thing the 'first' is really going to piss off the talking humanoid robot civilization already in existence in the solar system. Likely on Uranus.

You know it looks just like that little robot you had as a kid with the drink tray. Don't think this little creep doesn't remember how we treated his ancestors...and his cousins, the Roomba.

You'd do well to learn the following phrase:

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto. Domo. Domo. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

That video looks less stupid now, right? Right?

No. Still stupid.

You've just been Scienced, Mr. Roboto!

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Pooooop Iiiiiiiin Spaaaaaacccce (Video)

You though I had video of actual poop floating in space, didn't you? And you STILL clicked the video? Sicko. Being an astronaut 'aint easy. It's harder than your job. Unless you host radio shows and podcast occasionally. That sounds way harder.

Full, story here. You've just been scienced!

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Happy Belated Birthday, Curiosity (Video)

I hope you celebrated the first birthday of Mars Rover Curiosity's first birthday by doing something that did NOT involve Uranus  in any way. Sicko. Curiosity celebrated by playing Happy Birthday to itself. Maybe it should have been called Mars Rover Narcissus. Am I right?

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