Google Is Assembling A Robot Army – Science Corner (Video)

Remember when Google was the fresh new company started by dudes in a garage and they were super awesome? Well, they're evil now. It was bound to happen. I mean, once all of that money starts piling up around you, evil becomes easier and easier to propagate. Eventually you're living in a you shaped secret mountain lair, and commissioning on piece suits with your logo emblazoned across the chest.

The proof is in the incredibly creepy robot video.  They've just purchased the company that makes these things. If you don't think it's creepy, it will be MUCH creepier when you're running for your life from one of these things while the Google nerds laugh maniacally (and NERD-ily). Nerds.

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Science Corner-Mars Used To Be Pretty. Now It’s Less Pretty. Mars Sucks. (Video)


NASA (known chiefly for Tang invention) has put together a video of Mars. I don't know how they went back 4 Billion years ago to film this or how they were able to keep the video intact during their time travel but we shouldn't really dwell on that. Just trust the science nerds. They're incredibly smart and they have no non nerd friends to distract them from their scientific experiments. If science nerds became cool, no science would ever get done. Keep Science Nerdy.

Anyway, NASA went back in time 4 billion years to film some video of the then gorgeous Mars. If you are a SUPER OLD martian, this must make you feel pretty emotional. Your planet was SO pretty but now look at it-sand. Rock and sand. Your planet is comprised solely of sand and rock. If you are an earthling (most reading this probably are) it makes you feel superior, right? I mean, Earth is beautiful NOW. That's right, Martians. Your planet is sooo ugly. Get a load of Earth, Martians.

On a side note, it must be a drag to be from Uranus because you can't say things like, "Get a load of Uranus" without laughing. Sorry, Uranusans, your planet got THE worst name. You guys should do some sort of Facebook petition and change it. WE will always call it Uranus though because it never stops being funny.

Anyway, Mars WAS pretty now it isn't. Luckily for us on Earth, we have nothing to worry about. Earth is ALWAYS going to be pretty. I mean, it's not like we're doing our very best to ruin it. See, I hit you with a deep message about the plight of our planet and our blatant disregard for it's well-being but it was so subtle you may hot have noticed.

The real question to ask here is, what else did these time traveling NASA nerds bring back from ancient Mars??!!!!



UPDATE: I'm now told the video is a computer model. Or is it????

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Aliens Continue Their Russian Invasion [Science Corner]

I'm sure you've seen the dashboard camera videos of meteors crashing to the ground in Russia and like this one (by the way, my cousin Vladimir can be heard doing HIS radio show in the background on our sister station in Russia).

Russia is being target by aliens. It's pretty clear. In fact, I'd be willing to bet Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, shown here riding a bear, has actually made a deal with some Alien race due to his obsession with regaining Russia's role as a world power.

A big chunk of the meteor that blazed across the sky over the Ural region of Russia in February was recovered by Russian scientists yesterday (October 16th) from the bottom of the lake it crashed into. The meteor was the largest recorded in more than a century, with the shock wave from the explosion, estimated to be as strong as 20 Hiroshima bombs. The meteor chunk retrieved from Chebarkul Lake weighed in at 1,256 pounds.

As you well know, anyone within the range of a meteor becomes, over time, a super hero or a super villain. Russia will be lousy with super humans over the next decade. Remember where you heard it first. If I were you I'd A) Learn Russian and B) Learn how to sew one piece spandex superhero/super villain costumes and capes. It's going to be a booming business. Comrades.

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Giant Asian Wasps Are Going To Get You!!! [Science Corner]



These giant wasps have actually killed people and injured hundreds in a wave of attacks in central China. The wasps, also known as Vespa mandarinia have reportedly chased victims and stung some people as many as 200 hundred times. The venom from the stings can cause anaphylactic shock and kidney failure. The queen bee can grow to quite disturbing sizes.


When I become a super villain (it is a WHEN not an IF), my name will be Vespa Mandarinia and I will wear a wasp themed spandex outfit. My evil lair will be a giant hive. I'm perfecting my evil laugh away from world domination.


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Man Grows Nose On Forehead [Science Corner]

Hey, ma man, you have some....nose on your forehead.

Surgeons at a hospital in China have grown a new nose on the forehead of a man who injured his nose. The operation requires doctors to place a skin tissue expander on the man's forehead, cut into the shape of a nose, and plant a piece of cartilage from his ribs. The team hopes to complete the transplant soon.

No telling what they'll grow on his forehead next but I know what you're thinking. Sicko.

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Space Lassos! In Space! [Science Corner]


Space Lassos!

Here is the link to the full story I discussed on today's Science Corner. If you're not able to hear my show, I will post audio of the segment in my weekly Bits & Snatches Podcast.

In short, NASA is planning to turn the moon into our interstellar junkyard via space age tow trucks! Take our junk, the moon.

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