New Music Tuesday (Posted On A Wednesday) 11-27-13

This will be an abbreviated version as we're about to hit the road and head to the in laws for Thanksgiving. That means you'll have to do some work for this one, buddy. I feel like this is a give a man a fish, teach a man to fish situation. I'm just going to list a few cool records to check out. Maybe enjoy them as you head to YOUR in laws.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Chanukah!

Warner Bros. Records

Warner Bros. Records

Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones "Foreverly"

I've been looking forward to this one for a while and it doesn't disappoint. Great stuff. I'd like to see more artists make records like this.


SubPop Records

SubPop Records

Shearwater "Fellow Travelers"

This is a band I was unfamiliar with. I especially dig the female vocals on this record.

Virgin/ Universal Records

Virgin/ Universal Records


A Perfect Circle "Stone & Echo"

This live album was recorded at Red Rocks- the world's greatest venue. It sounds pretty great. I'm assuming it's been produced up like most 'live' records but I don't care. It's really good. I like that the live versions aren't carbon copies of the album versions. Maynard sings good.


Nuclear Blast Records

Nuclear Blast Records

Generation Kill "We're All Gonna Die"

A cool thrashy band. The singer, Rob Dukes is also the current Exodus singer.


Southern Lord Records

Southern Lord Records

Lumbar "The First And Last Days Of Unwelcome"

Man, Southern Lord Records is another one of those kick ass record labels who continually put out amazing stuff from bands I hadn't heard of before. This band features members of Yob, Iamthethorn , They Shall Take Up Serpents and many more. It's doomy awesomeness.


Tidal Arms

Tidal Arms


Tidal Arms "Tidal Arms"

Very cool experimental heavy rock stuff. Former From Autumn To Ashes drummer/singer Francis Marks started this band. Check it out. It's good.


Okay. That'll do 'er. Time to hit the road. Oh, check the new Bruce Springsteen single too. It's a cool song and Tom Morello plays on it. Have a great holiday, brochachos!

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Bits & Snatches Podcast (#38)

Hello. How are you? I am fine. Thanks for taking the time to check out the life altering podcast. I think it's still the only podcast in the world. The Bits & Snatches podcast is a collection of segments from my radio shows so if you listen to my show you may have heard some of this radio gold. Falll in love with it all over again. Won't you:

Featured Topics:

Booze & Regret

E-Mail Apnea

Bleeding Burglars

Hypnotic Jerks

Silver Foxes

Books With Herpes

STD Narcs

Vibrating Tap Bands

Harry Potter Stamps

Facebook Dummies

Finding Mr. Right

Russian Squats

DMV Masturbation

Middle Finger Statues

Selfie Burglars

Check out this episode

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Bits & Snatches Podcast: Recycled Radio (#37)

Here's what you can expect to hear in this thrilling edtion of the Bits & Snatches Podcast:

Musical Tastes Over Time

Airline Coffee WILL Kill You. Maybe.

900 Foot Long Sea Creature

FAA Will End Their Angry Birds Witch Hunt

Naked Haunted Houses

Space Garbage Trucks

Curing Bad Luck

Bigfoot Festivals

Fencing (with swords)

Real Life Gremlins

Naked Slushy Machine Taunts Crazy Lady

Drone Delivery

Those exciting topics and more will dazzle your senses. Thanks for taking the time to listen. I hope you don’t look back on it with regret.


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Bits & Snatches Podcast: Recycled Radio (#36)

This week's Bits & Snatches cast will dazzle you with discussions/soliloquys on the following topics:

  • Moon Video
  • iPhone Fingerprint Sensor Caused Abductions
  • Swedish Beavers
  • Pig Fingers
  • Herpes Monkeys
  • Get Paid To Sleep With NASA
  • Touch Screen Staphylococcus
  • Space Lassos
  • Reverse Aging, Down Dogging & Kale
  • Chivalry Is WAY Dead
  • Swedish Gerkin Yerkin + The Ocean


Podcast sponsored by Atomic AdWorks

Check out this episode

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