New Music Releases (4-23-13)

I dig weeks like this because I've already found some new bands I'd never heard before. It's not a big name release week again but, there is some really cool new music out this week.

As always, I'll highlight a few of my picks and list some other interesting/notable new music releases for the week of 4-23-13.

Rob Zombie "Venomous Rat  Regeneration Vendor"

Rob Zombie "Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor"


Rob Zombie "Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor" - I kind of feel like Zombie's records are all at least worth checking out. For me, 'La Sexorcisto..'  will always be the go to Zombie record but this record is a good time.

I hate the album title. It's nonsensical and I will NEVER commit it to memory. I had to read it 6 times just to type it here. "Venomous Rat ...WhatEver The F**K" sounds heavier to me than the last one. I can't remember the name of that one either. I do remember not loving it. This one is much better to my ears. In fact, I really dig it. It may turn out to be my favorite post White Zombie record.

Catch him co headlining the Monster Energy Mayhem tour with Finger Eleven.


Rob Zombie's new movie "Lords's Of Salem" is also out on VHS this week. He makes YOU look super lazy.


The Appleseed Cast "Illumination Ritual"

The Appleseed Cast "Illumination Ritual"


The Appleseed Cast "Illumination Ritual"This one is an example of what I mentioned above about finding new bands I'd never heard of before. These guys have been around for some years now but apparently their sound has evolved from an emo vibe to what it is now.

What it is now is considered 'post rock'. It reminds me of the 1990's but not in a bad way. I liked the 1990's. If you dig bands like Sunny Day Real Estate you should check these guys out. You should check them out regardless. Don't be so damned close minded. God.


No Joy "Wait To Pleasure"

No Joy "Wait To Pleasure"


No Joy "Wait To Pleasure" - This is another band I'd never heard of. The band consists of two Canadian women (and some dude who is pictured on their facebook page). The genre they list themselves in is Doomgaze. It's more typically known as shoegaze (think My Bloody Valentine).

Many bands in this genre (whatever you want to call it) can get pretty tedious and maybe I'll feel that way about this one eventually but I'm digging it right now. The shoegazy hallmarks are there; walls of guitars, kind of ghostly, ethereal vocals with some pop sensibility. You won't have to wait too long to be pleasured here. See what I did? Bam.

Whitesnake "Made In Japan"

Whitesnake "Made In Japan"


Whitesnake "Made In Japan" - Dude, don't not like Whitesnake because they got huge in the 80's and now you're not supposed to like them. They've been around in one incarnation or another since way back in the 1970's. David Coverdale sounds great and is really one of the most underrated vocalists in the hard rock realm. (The Coverdale/Page record never got the love it should have either so I'm going to post a video from that too).

The current Whitesnake line up  includes Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich on guitar and  the recently rejoined Tommy Aldridge  on drums (Brian Tichey is the drummer on this album). If you've not done so, check out their most recent studio record "Forevermore" because it's cool too. Why else would I tell you to check it out? Come on. Man.

Virtually all 'live' albums are produced up and this seems to be no exception but you get some kick ass, bluesy hard rock here with killer guitar solos AND a drum solo. It's also fun to do a shot every time Coverdale says 'Domo Arigato'.

On a side note, f**k you, Styx for ruining that phrase for me forever. (I may have LOVED that song when it came out though. Dammit).

Coverdale is cool. Probably cooler than you are. CERTAINLY cooler than I am. This is probably what I've listened to the most today.



Other notable releases:

Queensryche "Frequency Unknown"- Man, I will listen to his purely based on the BRILLIANCE of Operation Mindcrime (a MUST have) but this band (now consisting of Geoff Tate and some dudes) hasn't made anything I've liked in years. The last couple records were AWFUL.

Phoenix "Bankrupt" [Alt/Indie]- Very poppy 'rock' and I don't like all of it but there are some cool songs here.

Snoop Lion/Dog/LionDog "Reincarnated" [Hip Hop]- Haven't listened yet but I love that he just decided to call himself Snoop Lion. You can't do that. HE can. YOU can't. From here on out call me, 8 Ball.

Junip "Junip" [Alt/Rock]

Frank Turner "Tape Deck Heart" [Alt/Indie]- Getting a fair amount of buzz. I haven't listened much yet.

Steve Martin & Edie Brickell "Love Has Come For You" [Folk/Bluegrass]- It is indeed THE Steve Martin. I like it so far..

Black Belt Karate "Volume 1 E.P." [Punk/Rock/Garage]- I really dig this after one listen...

The Neighborhood "I Love You" [Alt/Indie]

Let me know what you're into this week! Musically that is, sicko.

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Alice In Chains Release Video For ‘Stone’ (Video)

Alice In Chains have released the video for their latest KICKASS single, "Stone". Man, I can't wait to hear this full album. Some bands DO still employ actual guitar riffs. Great song. The new Alice In Chains album "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" (which is true..I think it's in the Bible) comes out on May 28th.

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New Black Sabbath ‘God Is Dead’ (Video)

The new Black Sabbath album 13 is released on June 11th. Rick Rubin and his beard produced the record. I hope to have an interview with his beard and/or the various woodland creatures inhabiting this exotic ecosystem to post here sometime next week. His beard is super interesting. And exotic. And super.

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