New Music Tuesday (3-19-13)

It's a really great new music week. We have metal (Intronaut, Ken Mode), heavy groove laden rock (Clutch), my favorite band ever (The Black Crowes), pop for the ladies...and me (Justin Timberlake) and a really interesting record from a band/guy called Woodkid.

Read and listen. Add to the list as I can't possibly post everything.

First of all, a short sample of the stuff I like:


Clutch 'Earth Rocker'

Clutch 'Earth Rocker'

I don't know HOW they keep getting better but they do. This is is my favorite Clutch record since 'Blast Tyrant'. Neil Fallon still writes some of the best damn lyrics on earth. His lyrics are better than your lyrics.

Hit your local record store on Tuesday to pick up the new album and get a free lithograph with your purchase while supplies last.

See them TONIGHT with Orange Goblin at the Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Black Crowes 'Wiser For The Time'

Black Crowes 'Wiser For The Time'

Black Crowes 'Wiser For The Time" 

If I was forced to choose a favorite band ever, The Black Crowes would be it. This disc is 26 songs of live awesome. SO many bands claim to be better live than on their records. The Black Crowes actually are. I've seen them in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New York, and even in Amsterdam. I just wrote that part so you'd know I've been to Wyoming.  This is not the version on the record but it is the record's namesake and likely my favorite song ever. Likely.


Intronaut 'Habitual Levitations'

Intronaut 'Habitual Levitations'

Intronaut 'Habitual Levitations'

This band sounds massive. If you don't know them. Know them. If you're a Tool fan you may dig these guys. They're usually put in the 'prog metal' category. I guess that works. I put them in the holy sh*t they are good category.

So those are my favorites so far. I would also recommend checking out:

Woodkid "The Golden Age" (pop/electronic)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Specter At The Feast" (rock)

Ken Mode "Entrench" (metal)

Various Artists "Love For Levon(Helm)" (rock)

Kacey Musgraves "Same Trailer, Different Park" (country)

Phosphorescent "Muchacho" (folky rock)

Justin Timberlake "20/20 experience" (Yeah. I like it.)


New Music Tuesday-3-19-13 Releases (MOG users)


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Rob Zombie, Rick James and Ozzy

You are going to be all sorts of Rob Zombie'd in April. Don't even try and fight it. Just give in to Rob Zombie. Give in. His new film, The Lords Of Salem, opens on April 19th, with the soundtrack arriving on the 16th and on April 23rd, he'll issue his fifth solo album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor. I'm still pissed that he chose such an obvious title for the record. You know?

This video only relates to the above text because Rob Zombie is in it. Remember that time when you, Ozzy, Rick James and Rob Zombie were smoking crack? Don't worry. I hear crack is hell on your ability to retain information.

Let Rob remind you:

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