Chevelle Debuts Another Cool New Song (Audio)

You know how you always say 'I liked their old stuff' when you're asked about ANY band because that's what everyone says? Well, I felt pretty disinterested in Chevelle's early stuff. I didn't NOT like it but I never listened to it on my own, non radio, time.

This is a case where I actually prefer the NEW stuff. I don't think anyone has ever said that about any band...until now. This is a historic post.

Anyway, I started really digging them on their last record 'Hats Off To The Bull'  and, based on what I've heard from the new record, 'La Gargola' (Spanish for 'the gargler'...I think), I'll like this on even more. The new song is called 'Hunter Eats Hunter'. 'La Gargola' will be out on April 1st.

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Another Reason To Like Dave Grohl (Video)

I fear that Dave Grohl has become so universally loved that a backlash is imminent. It's just the way people do. When someone appears to be too likeable we have to figure out reasons to NOT like them. You so crazy like that.

I will not jump on your Dave Grohl Backlash Wagon though, it is  a great band name.

Dave has teamed up with Los Angeles singer/songwriter Taylor Greenwood for her song "Sing You To Sleep." It's a lullaby. All the proceeds from the song go to Project Night Night, an organization providing items like gift bags, stuffed animals, books and blankets to homeless children.

The single is available for a pay what you want download, here. It's a sweet song and it's a incredibly sweet charity.

Somehow, people will find a way to make homeless children charity a bad thing. That's what the internet is for, after all.

Foo Fighters are working on their 8th record. It will be awesome.

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Guns N Roses Movie: Axl Rose In 3D (Video)

So I typically like to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Continually discussing Axl Rose even though he's done nothing of note since 'Chinese Democracy' (which I actually like) is the problem. The solution is to not discuss him or the band he calls Guns N Roses anymore. So why do we? I'll tell you why: Appetite For Destruction. That record is one of the greatest Rock And Roll records of all time. All time. Not just of the 80's. Of all time. You don't have to like it, you don't have to agree with it...unless you want to be right.

No one involved in that record will ever match or top it. That's the problem with greatness. Once you do something great, you're forever judged based on that greatness. My advice would be to keep it mediocre with occasional flashes of pretty awesome.

I'd also advise against stupid hats and Hulk Hogan facial hair but Axl won't listen.

There will be a Guns N Roses 3D release of 'Appetite For Democracy' in April. This trailer will totally make you want to go.....somewhere other than anywhere this movie is playing.

I know it's tired but I just can't see this band and call them Guns N Roses. I know we as a society should move on and I'd rather not be one of those, 'That isn't GnR' people. But I am one of those people. Those people.

I think Axl is in a really tough spot but he also put himself there. He also put those hats on his head. They're bad hats.

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NIN To Appear On Austin City Limits (Video)

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I have a deep, deep, borderline creepy level of respect for Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. I also really like PBS because, I mean, you're supposed to say that. Really, though, PBS is a national treasure to be treated as such. I also hear they have some pretty righteous tote bags for the right price.

Anyway, the Nails (as the cool people call them...NO ONE calls them that), will be on the fantastic Austin City Limits in November and I have a (not at all) EXCLUSIVE clip from the performance.

Trent recently revealed to Rolling Stone and me that he is working on a new project but he wouldn't reveal any more info because the Rolling Stone guy isn't tight with Reznor like I am. If he would have left the room, I KNOW Trent would have told me. Incidentally, I call him T-Dogg.

NIN is rumored to be headlining Bonnaroo this year and Bonnaroo is super fun to say.

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The Chili Peppers Were Unplugged…So Were The Broncos

Because people NEED to get upset about things they shouldn't get upset about, there are those who appear to be up in arms over the fact that the Chili Peppers were playing to a pre-corded track during the FANTASTIC half time show last Sunday. It's the BEST when it comes from an unknown band talking smack. Shut up. You'd wear a tutu and play imaginary instruments if you had a shot to play the Half Time show at the Superbowl. Shut. Up. Plus, does anyone REALLY question that band's ability to play? Stupid.

If you're going to get pissed about the Superbowl, get pissed at the fact that, as a Colorado resident, I had to support the team and I bought 30 Broncos themed cupcakes. Those damn things looked super sad when that game was beyond reach for the Broncos. You know, after the first mother******* snap.

Here is a link to Flea's honest, perfectly reasonable response. Reason. What a concept. By the way, how GREAT is Bruno Mars? GREAT.

Do you want a cupcake?

Oh and they auctioned off the drum set Chad Smith used for charity. Let's somehow find a way to get irritated about that too.

Chad Smith discussing the auction:


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