New Music Tuesday (4-16-13)

Yet another fine week of new music releases. Not as many big names as the last couple weeks (Killswitch Engage, Device, Stone Sour, Volbeat Etc..) but still some really cool stuff. I'm considering doing a weekly Podcast highlighting the week's releases. Copyright issues won't allow me to use very much audio though so stay tuned.

On to my new music picks for the week of 4-16-2013:

Ghost B.C. "Infestissumam"

Ghost B.C. "Infestissumam"


Ghost B.C. "Infestissumam"-  I'm lucky enough to have gotten this record early. I've posted about it before but it's out today and you should get it. You can stream the whole thing on their official site.

You'll be greeted by a creepy ass pic of front man Papa Emeritus II (his real name) and a fantastic note. All communications from the band begin with "Letter From The Clergy.."

Speaking of the band, all band members other than Big Papa E are referred to as Nameless Ghouls. It's the greatest thing ever. I will now call all of MY employees Nameless Ghouls (in addition to banning them from looking me in the eye and wearing cologne that smells tougher than mine).

So the image thing is pretty funny to me but it doesn't matter because the songs are REALLY good and the image just adds to the overall vibe of a damn good band. Everyone compares the sound to Mercyful Fate- musically it's not all that accurate but Papa E does sound like a young King Diamond. (fans of the King should check the aforementioned new Volbeat record for a really cool guest vocal on a song called "Room 24" which you can download free and legal like, here.

This video contains NUDITY...and Beelzebub chants. Worse than all of that, it's also in Flash. I know!


Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Mosquito"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Mosquito"


Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Mosquito"- I've really loved this band since the song  'Maps' came out way back in 2003 on their "Fever To Tell" disc.

I dig the guitarist, Nick Zinner's sound  and Singer Karen O. is cool. And her last name is just ONE letter. Wild. I'd also like to mention the drumming because they are a trio and I just mentioned the guitarist and the singer. I don't want hurt feelings.

Every record they do sounds different from the last which is refreshing. I mean, you know it would be easier to just keep doing what the people know and love already. Like my radio show (minus the love part?). Same nonsense different day.

"Mosquito" is more synthesisery but not in a bad way. My hope is when they play live, the synths are actually Keytars/Gitboards. Fingers crossed.

You can stream the full record here:

Willie Nelson & The Family "Let's Face The Music"

Willie Nelson "Let's Face The Music"


Willie Nelson & The Family "Let's Face The Music And Dance"- Willie Nelson is 80. 80. Yeah. 80. Son of a bitch. Weed must be some sort of preservative.

This record is a collection of cover songs ranging from the 1930's to the 1980's and they sound fantastic. His backing band, The Family have been with him longer than you have done anything x 6. There's something special that happens when a band has been working together for that long.

Willie Nelson is cool, man. One of the all time great song writers and performers. And he's 80.


 Stuff I'm digging but haven't spent much time with:

The Flaming Lips "The Terror"  

Iron And Wine "Ghost On Ghost"

Ghostface Killah "Twelve Reasons To Die"

Steve Earle & The Dukes "The Low Highway"

Kid Cudi "Indicud"

The Shouting Matches "Grown Ass Man"

Out today and on my 'to listen' list:

Fallout Boy "Save Rock And Roll"

Paramore "Paramore"

Born Ruffians "Birthmarks"

The Thermals "Desperate Ground"

Meat Puppets "Rat Farm"

Dead Confederate "In The Marrow"

Norah Jane Struthers "Carnival"

Statesboro Revue "Ramble On Privilege Creek"

Spacehog "As It Is On Earth"

As always, I'd love to know what you're listening to.

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Linkin Park’s New Video Game (Video)

I am a grown man. I like video games. I like the Earth. A lot. The Earth is awesome. Suck it, Uranus. We're #1! What I don't usually like, are video games with a message and/or socially conscious component. I like killing sh*t.

Linkin Park  has/have unveiled a new video game that is described as a third-person online experience that combines puzzle, adventure and fighting elements. Okay that could be cool BUT instead of head shots to Zombies (capped out of respect for Zombies), players must unify to regain natural resources held by bad guys/corporations.

Sounds totally fun.

Does it?


I dig Linkin Park and think they do a lot of cool charity work. For the record.

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Metallica Pinball! (Video)

I know the haters of Metallica will whine about this but I think it's pretty righteous. Pinball in general is righteous. I'm super good at it too. A wizard some would say. I think I'm required to make a reference like that. I didn't want to. I HAD to.

You mean I can enjoy classics like Creeping Death, Master Of Puppets, Ride The Lightning etc. and play pinball? Earth is a pretty cool planet to live on.

Be glad we are not in the same room right now - a room housing a pinball machine to be precise, as I would only embarrass you. You're really not good at pinball. Man.

When will there be a Cannibal Corpse Skeeball Machine?

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Beastie Boys’ Mike D Helping Hurricane Sandy Victims (Video)

Beastie Boys' Mike D. has hooked up restaurant owner Robert McKinley in Brooklyn, New York to launch a free food truck called The Rockaway Plate. The truck has already served over 19,000 meals to residents of coastal neighborhoods still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Sandy. The eventual goal is to charge for meals, hiring locals to operate the venture. Cool.


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Pick Pocket Meets A Plate Glass Window (Video)

Hey, man. If you're going to burgle, then burgle. You know, put on the mask, the unitard and walk on your tiptoes. Do it respectable like. Once you decide to steal a lady's purse, one of three things will happen:

  1. You will make the poor lady sad
  2. She will kick your ass WITH the very purse you're attempting to steal, it will be video taped and we will ALL laugh at your dumb ass. Dummy.
  3. Upon grabbing the purse, you will run directly into a plate-glass window. It will be video taped and we will ALL laugh at your dumb, likely glass laden ass. Dummy.





That happened in Perth, Australia. For whatever reason, I never imagine crime happening at all in Australia. I though they were all friendly, good-looking, great accent having, boomerang tossing, kangaroo boxing, Fosters drinking down to earth people. I'm glad to know they're dicks like us in the USA.

Actually, we're still bigger dicks. Am I right?


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Metallica’s Orion Music Festival Details

Ma main man, Lars Ulrich has confirmed the Metallica Museum will again be a part of their Orion Music + More Festival. The festival takes place in "America's Worst City", Detroit, Michigan. That's the official Detroit tourism slogan. I think it's a bit off putting but I'm not one to argue with dudes from Detroit.

Directly from

"We're bringing back the Metallica Museum in 2013, so stay tuned for more details and information about all of the awesome memorabilia we'll have on hand in Detroit! Classic Metallica guitars (including the last bass that Cliff Burton ever played), amps, lyrics, merchandise, stage props and more . . . except this time it will be BIGGER and BADDER!"


James Hetfield's Custom Car & Motorcycle Show, Kirk Hammett's Crypt, Lars Ulrich's Hit the Lights Film Tent and Robert Trujillo's Vans Vert Ramp will also return.

This year's bands include  Red Hot Chili PeppersRise AgainstDeftonesSilversun PickupsBassnectarGogol Bordello,TomahawkThe Joy FormidableThe BronxDropkick Murphy and more.

You should buy the new Tomahawk, Joy Formidable and The Bronx records right now. Now. Do it. Do it.

Here is some footage I (or someone else) shot of Metallica's performance of the entire Black Album from last year's festival.

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