New Music Picks (Week Of 2-4-14)

It's been a long damn time since I've posted one of these. The real question is, how have you chosen what music to listen to without it? Don't answer that. It doesn't matter. Things are back as they should be. As always, I'll highlight a few records I dig then I'll list some more I like but am too lazy to write about. You do it. Give a man a fish, teach a man to fish situation.

One addition to these posts will be an embedded Spotify playlist featuring all of the music mentioned here. I know if you're not on the Spotify train it does you no good but I can't let that weigh me down, man. If you ARE on Spotify, please follow my updated playlists : darbyradio.

Okay. On to it.

Vanguard (Universal)

Vanguard (Universal)


John Butler Trio "Flesh + Blood"

I will preface this by saying I am a massive JBT nerd. We've traveled to cities specifically to see him play and he NEVER disappoints. If you know him, you have this already because...I mean, he's great. He's a magnificent player and I don't know if it's because I know his stuff so well but I always know it's his guitar the second I hear it. He's also Australian which is super exotic. The Trio portion of JBT tends to rotate and I had a real affinity for that last 2 guys but these guys are solid. Butler is the star here though.

Highlights: 'Livin' In The City', 'Devil Woman', 'Blame It On Me', 'Wings Are Wide'...ALL OF IT.

Video for 'Only One':


This is an updated, live version of a song called 'Ocean' (not on the new record but amazing):


Anticon Records

Anticon Records

 Young Fathers "Dead"

I'd never heard of these guys before yesterday but I will be checking out their older stuff too. I think they're considered alternative hip hop. They're the alternative to formulaic, cookie cutter hip hp for sure. The group consists of three guys out of Edinburgh, Scotland. All I really know about Scotland is the kilts, bag pipes and that awful season of  Sons Of Anarchy. that Ireland? Whatever. Man, I don't know if you'll like this but I find myself coming back to it quite a bit. Cool and unexpected.

Highlights: 'Get Up' , 'Low', 'I've Arrived'


Nuclear Blast Records

Nuclear Blast Records

Grand Magus "Triumph & Power"

Hey bro. Don't come at me whilst I'm jamming Grand Magus because I WILL VANQUISH you. I will vanquish the shit out of you. Know it. The opening track begins with the sounds of a galloping horse. Man, I want to vanquish something. My beard is growing as I listen to this. Where is my god damn chalice??!! Really though, I like this band. They do what they do really well. I see them listed as doom metal but it's more like less pretty power metal to me.

Highlights: 'Steel Vs. Steel', 'Dominator' , 'On Hooves Of Gold'


Third Man Records
Third Man Records

 The Haden Triplets 'The Haden Triplets"

This is another I'd never heard of but, man I like it. I've been in a real old school country/bluegrass/folky mood as of late and this fits that bill. These ladies have apparently been on songs/performances by the Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Beck, Green Day and more. See, I REALLY dislike new country in the Rascal Flatts realm but THIS is the kind of country stuff I grew up listening to and it really resonates with me. They're on Jack White's Third Man Records and that dude knows good music.

Here's a promo video for the record that will give you the vibe:



Okay that's all the typing I can stand but here are some other cool records out this week that I would recommend with the style/genre in [ ].

Prince "Pretzlbodylogic" (single) [Pop/rock]

Beck "Waking Light" (single) [Mellow]

Nicole Atkins "Slow Phaser" [Singer/Songwriter stuff]

Water Liars "Water Liars" [Kind of Counting Crowsey?]

Parker Millsap "Parker Millsap" [Country]


Behemoth 'The Satanist"

Caliban "Ghost Empire"

Shrapnel "The Virus Conspires"

Ex Mortus "Slave To The World"

Okay, pal. I'm tired and the crops won't...tend to themselves in the morning. As always, I'd love to know what you're listening to. If I start trailing off and you see one letter over and over, it's because I've fallen asleep on my keyboard.

 Spotify list:

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Knock It Off Dummies : Bleach Facials And Weapons In Genital Edition (Audio)

Do I need to say more than that headline already said? It's my favorite new feature on the show. I'll tell you about some dummies then I will tell them to knock it off. I will also offer to shave my armpits.

Click and enjoy!

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Great News For Stalkers! [Science Corner] (Audio)

Prepare to be scienced. Batten down your Science Hatches. I am so going to science you right now.

In this edition of Science Corner I discuss a great new app for stalkers and a great new app for slouchers. You should get both if you're a slouchy stalker.




Video of the stalker app here:

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Poopy Cake! First Post of 2014. [Audio]

Happy New Year, ma man. I haven't been blogging at all throughout the holidays and it's been pretty fantastic. I had planned on resuming the writing on Monday but I wanted my first post of 2014 to mean something you know? I wanted to write about something packed with profundity.

New Zealand Herald


I've decided upon Poopy Cake. Profound Poopy Cake.

A baker in New Zealand sent this cake to a customer after a financial dispute. Emma McDonald, Owner of Oh Cakes,  posted about it on Facebook saying, "I have a brilliant cake idea for your cake!!! - so here it is, your turd cake. Hope you learn your lesson." McDonald has said that she isn't sorry about the cake and Harris was forced to order a new cake from another baker.

I wish all disputes could be settled via pastries and/or confectionary items. No more fist fights, no more violence-just super disgusting looking cakes. The real question is, would you eat the turd cake? I think YOU would. Sicko. You have to give it to her on the attention to detail front as the peanuts are a nice touch.

For more on this story check the audio below where you can also hear me discuss Lindsey Von being taken out by Vladimir Putin and Superbowl commercials. I should have told you ahead of time that you could just listen to this story rather than read it but I feel like you need to read more. In the coming weeks I plan on posting complex math problems and sentences for you to diagram as well. New year, new you buddy. Feel the burn. The brain burn.

OH...I'd like to start a new thing with my posts this year by mentioning what I'm listening to as I'm writing. So I'll start with this post....and likely stop doing it 3 posts from now. I always have such lofty blogoals.


Now Playing:  Opeth "Wreath" from the album 'Deliverance'.

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