M.I.L.T. : New Releases 3-4-14

M.I.L.T. = Music I'm Listening To

Another week, more great music. We live in a pretty cool time, ma man. We have so much access to so many things instantaneously. In some ways that's  a bad thing because I think it can make us lazy. It can put you in a consume mode where all you're doing is downloading and compiling but not really taking time to enjoy the digital delights you're acquiring. That's partly the reason I have my typing people type this for me every week. It forces me to put on some headphones and LISTEN to new music, in many cases, from artists I've never heard before. It's a joy really. The typing part is less of a joy, hence the typing staff I employ. Just know that a poorly (barely) paid typist is taking dictation from me whilst I sit in my golden throne, sipping from a jeweled chalice and dramatically waving a scepter around.

On to my picks for new music released on 3-4-14.

Revivalists / Wind Up Records

Revivalists / Wind Up Records

The Revivalists 'City Of Sound'

The Revivalists are from New Orleans and have a rock, funky vibe infused with horns. I dig horns. I was TOTALLY first chair alto saxophone back in High School so I always like hearing horns. Really cool record. There are some sonic similarities to Kings Of Leon in some places I guess but these guys really are a cool mix of different sounds that work really well together. The singer has an earthy voice with some cool textures. I'm so tired of the standard singer sound. David Shaw has the vocal qualities that resonate with me. I'm looking forward to spending even more time with this one and I will certainly look for chances to see them live. Check their YouTube page for more samples but here is a video for the song 'Criminal':


Innovative Leisure Records

Innovative Leisure Records

Nick Waterhouse 'Holly'

I saw a post on the Nick Waterhouse FB page from someone who said 'Where have you been all my life?'. I kind of feel the same way. He hails from California via the 1960's. I'm certain he is a time traveler and has taken the music from his time, recorded it during OUR time, resulting in a timeless quality without sounding old. It's SO good. I don't know what else to say about it but I do know I will be buying every record he makes from here on out. I also plan on locating and using his time machine.

Brutal Panda Records
Brutal Panda Records

Wild Throne 'Blood Maker'

And now for something completely different. Dude. Wild Throne is/are badass. The Bellingham, Washington band sounds to me like a mix of Dillinger Escape Plan and Mastodon with some doom-y Black Sabbathness sprinkled in. As those are three of my all time favorite bands, there is no way to go wrong on this one. They add a sound all their own to that mix and I just may have found one of my new favorite bands and a record that will ABSOLUTELY be on my year-end best list. The only negative is the fact that 'Blood Maker' is an EP and not an LP. You will be hearing more from these guys. Know it.

Relapse Records

Relapse Records

Nothing 'Guilty Of Everything'

Nothing would I guess be described as heavy shoegaze rock. And while that is a ridiculous label, the band is fantastic. And speaking of labels, they're on one of the most consistently great record labels on the planet in Relapse Records. If I get a package from Relapse Records, I ALWAYS listen to it immediately. ALWAYS. Notice the TWO capped ALWAYSes. Now, three.

This record has a big, atmospheric sound with sometimes swirling and other times plodding guitar walls. If you dig bands like Jesu and Deafheaven (as noted on their FB page) and maybe even Neurosis, you should give these guys a whirl. Cool.

Dangerbird Records

Dangerbird Records

Ume 'Monuments'

How do you say Ume? Is it oom? U Me? Oomee? Big questions there. There is NO QUESTION regarding the coolness of this record. A female fronted rock trio from Austin, Texas, Ume delivers an (at times) heavy, melodic, memorable record of coolness. I just get the idea that the band members are probably cooler than me which is something I look for in my rock bands. It is rock too. There is nothing electronic here - guitars, bass, drums, vocals.

However you SAY Ume, you should listen to them.

Columbia Records

Columbia Records

Pharrell Williams 'Girl'

Pharrell Williams needs more pub so I thought I'd help him out. He doesn't. He's an incredibly talented guy, man. He's also one of the coolest dudes out there. Did you see that hat he wore on the Grammy's? No way in hell I could pull that off. You couldn't either. This record is a good time. Fun, upbeat stuff that continues the sound you already probably know from him. Pharrell is cool. Cooler than us. Accept it.

Here's the full Spotify playlist of all the stuff I'm digging this week:

I could go on and on. Another great week. Let me know what you're liking via e-mail or carrier pigeon.

A quick list of some other cool stuff:

The Men "Tomorrow's Hits" (rock)

Eternal Summers "The Drop Beneath" (cali garage rock)

Black Milk "Glitches In The Break" (hip hop)

The Soft White Sixties   "Get It Right" (rock)

Asgier "In The Silence" (folk/singer songwriter)

Axxa/Abraxxas "Axxa/Abraxas" (rock)

Various Artists "Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert" (rock)

Drive By Truckers "English Oceans" (country/southern rock)

Real Estate "Atlas" (alt rock)

Comeback Kid "Die Knowing" (punk/metal)

BigElf "Into The Maelstrom" (psychedelic rock/metal)

Destrage "Are You Kidding Me? No." (metal)

Kid Cudi "Satellite Flight" (hip hop)

Kandle "In Flames" (folk-rock?)

Linda Perhacs "The Soul Of All Natural Things" (trippy folk)





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Guns N Roses Movie: Axl Rose In 3D (Video)

So I typically like to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Continually discussing Axl Rose even though he's done nothing of note since 'Chinese Democracy' (which I actually like) is the problem. The solution is to not discuss him or the band he calls Guns N Roses anymore. So why do we? I'll tell you why: Appetite For Destruction. That record is one of the greatest Rock And Roll records of all time. All time. Not just of the 80's. Of all time. You don't have to like it, you don't have to agree with it...unless you want to be right.

No one involved in that record will ever match or top it. That's the problem with greatness. Once you do something great, you're forever judged based on that greatness. My advice would be to keep it mediocre with occasional flashes of pretty awesome.

I'd also advise against stupid hats and Hulk Hogan facial hair but Axl won't listen.

There will be a Guns N Roses 3D release of 'Appetite For Democracy' in April. This trailer will totally make you want to go.....somewhere other than anywhere this movie is playing.

I know it's tired but I just can't see this band and call them Guns N Roses. I know we as a society should move on and I'd rather not be one of those, 'That isn't GnR' people. But I am one of those people. Those people.

I think Axl is in a really tough spot but he also put himself there. He also put those hats on his head. They're bad hats.

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My Oscar Wrap Up : Gift Bag Breakdown

Fonograf / Capitol Records

Fonograf / Capitol Records

Beck had nothing to do with The Oscars but I'm listening to his new record as I type this. Maybe you can listen to it while you read it.

I didn't actually watch the Oscars. I'm not judging you if you did. Well, I guess I kind of am but I have no right really. I watch WWE Monday Night Raw every week. If that's not a stones-glass house situation I don't know what is. Maybe, to make it even, you can judge we for watching wrasslin' and I can judge you for watching the Oscars. Deal? Awesome. You are so lame for watching the Oscars. I mean, get a life.

Now you go....

Good one. Consider me burned.

I'm not going to tell you who won anything but I will breakdown the gift bags. I don't begrudge the (in most cases) already wealthy actors for accepting these gift bags because you would accept them. I would accept them. I would fight Bruce Dern for his. I don't care how old he is. I would punch him in the face if I though it would yield a gift bag. On a side note, you are welcome to start referring to something tawdry you engage in as 'Punching Bruce Dern In The Face'....if you know what I mean.

Okay. Gift bags. The items in this year's gift bag added up to $85,000.00 worth of stuff. Since you and I have that much on us right now, it's not a big deal to us but to the peasants we employ it likely would seem like a lot.

Here are a few items of note:

$16,000 toward a hair transplant
$15,000 walking tour around Japan
$9,000 trip to Las Vegas
$6,850 two-day Rocky Mountaineer train trip in the Canadian Rockies
$5,000 toward laser hair removal and cosmetic surgery
$2,700 "O-shot" procedure to help a woman's sex drive
$120 pink and Camo mace pepper guns
$35 six-pack of herbal tea-based lollipops


Listen, it's easy to get one of these gift bags. Here's what you need:

Be super attractive (or hire a kick ass photoshop / make up crew)

Be super rich (Poor people don't get fancy gift bags. They would no longer BE poor. It just doesn't make sense.)

Be super famous.

Stop complaining about it and do the stuff on this list. All I ask is that you hook me up with the herbal tea suckers and the mace/pepper guns.

For obvious reasons.

Hooray for Hollywood.

I'd rather watch wrestling.

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Knock It Off Dummies : Don’t Row Tiny Boats Over Whales Edition (Video)

Hey. If you're rowing a boat in the ocean, first of all it better be because you are at a super fancy resort where they have those little rope deals showing you where it's safe to row OR you should be fleeing from the law after a carefully thought out bank heist. Even though if it WERE carefully thought out you probably wouldn't be rowing in the ocean. It;s just a dumb place to row. Row in a lake. Row in a river. Row on one of those machines Frank has in House Of Cards.

If you row in ANY of those other places I mentioned (save maybe Frank's house) you won't get smacked in the face by a whale. Do you know how many whales have wanted to smack us in our stupid faces? ALL OF THEM. Every whale. Ever. They float around with their VW Bug sized lungs making that crazy ass moaning sound and all they're saying is, "Man if I could punch those idiots in their idiot faces."

If whales were floating around us, ogling us, constantly mentioning how crazy our language is, we'd want to smack them in the face too. Of course if we did, they would swallow us and we'd live out our days with the other people inside that whale.

Hey. Don't row over whales.

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DarbyRadio|Bits&Snatches Podcast #39

It's been some time since I've actually done one of these. I know it's been hard on you. It hasn't.

I'm now listed in Stitcher! I love Stitcher so if you're a user, listen there. Buddy.


It hasn't. Here's what's on tap this time around:

  • Viking Apocalypse
  • Urine Perfume
  • Volcanic Eruptions & Global Warming
  • Magnet Man
  • Offensive Tweeting
  • STD Apps
  • Baby Poop Sausage
  • Stripper Surprise
  • Tetris Diets
  • Trillion Dollar Bills and more.

Thanks for your time, brochacho.


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New Music Picks (week Of 2/25/14)

Hey buddy. It's already time for new music. Time to make the donuts. Anybody? Is that too old of a reference? Why the hell are there no Dunkin Donut shops where I live? Lots of questions, ma man.

Hey, if you're in a band, send me your stuff. I'd love to hear it AND I could highlight it here, cementing your rocket ride to fame and fortune. Your call though. If you have digital copies, send them to darby@darbyradio.com . If you prefer to send me a reel to reel and/or cassette tape or super collectible vinyl, send them to:

P.O. Box 271217

Fort Collins, CO


Okay then. On to it. This week doesn't have as many releases  as last week but I've been introduced to some new bands I feel like I'll be listening to forever so it's a great week on that count. Please let me know what you are digging so I can judge you for not having the high brow, cultured taste I have.

Fonograf / Capitol Records

Fonograf / Capitol Records

Beck 'Morning Phase'

If you haven't followed Beck's career after the brilliant 'Odelay' you probably didn't know he had one. He hasn't had many radio hits since then and he's dealt with some health issues including a sever spine injury and, like many artists he's expressed some disillusionment with the music business. I've expressed some too. A lot. I'm so disillusioned with the music industry. This new record is kind of a companion piece to his fantastic 2002 record 'Sea Change'. You won't be jazzercising/moshing to this but it's great, drink coffee and contemplate music. Contemplate, buddy. Contemplate.

So Recordings / Silver Screen Records Ltd.

So Recordings / Silver Screen Records Ltd.

Dinosaur Pile Up 'Nature Nurture'

So, if you're reading this in Europe, first of all Guten Tag. Second, you may already have this record because Dinosaur Pile Up is from Leeds and the album came out last Summer where you are. Must be nice, living in Europe with your free higher education, live and let live attitudes, copious coffee houses and your long mid day naps. Guten. Tag.

Anyway, the main force in this band is a guy named Matthew Bigland who was in a band called Mother Vulpine. He, like you me and everyone else, cites Dave Grohl as his idol and I could hear this band on a bill with Foo Fighters. I really like this a lot. I might start getting angry if this band doesn't see more U.S. success.

Sumerian Records

Sumerian Records

The Kindred "Life In Lucidity"

The Kindred used to be called Today I Caught The Plague so if you knew that band...this is that band. I did not know that band but I do know this record is fantastic. Great musicianship, lyrics and really interesting song structures. I really love this. They've been touring with Between The Buried And Me and Deafheaven. Sweet Mother, what a tour that is. This record has a potential best of 2014 list slot in it's future. It's heavy but full of great melody so, if that's your bag, check it.

Burger Records
Burger Records

Natural Child "Dancin' With Wolves"

This is going to sound even better when the weather finally warms up. Natural Child could have formed 40 years ago. I hear bands like the Eagles, Allman Brothers, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson (both of whom the band cites as influences for this record) and maybe even some Black Crowes in these guys. It's made for sitting on the porch, having some beers (or for those inclined the now legal in Colorado leafy substance) with your friends. In fact, if you don't have a porch, build one to enjoy this album at its fullest. It's worth your time and lumber. I feel like I'll be listening to this one a lot this Summer.


Stone Dwarf / RCA Records

Stone Dwarf / RCA Records

Ray LaMontagne "Supernova (Single)"

I don't typically highlight singles but Ray is one of my all time favorites and I've been listening to this song probably more than I should be. There may be some heretofore undiscovered obsessive traits I possess but that's better left for my weekly, What Is Wrong With Me posts, maybe. If you sing, Ray's voice will piss you off. It's so damn good and you can't practice to get your voice like that. So, stop trying. Give up.

The full length record is out on May 6th.


Okay then. That's some strong stuff up there. Again, I'd love to know what you're into. Musically, I mean.

Here are a few other records worth checking out:

Lamb Of God "Music From The Film As The Palaces Burn (Re-release)" (good way to get introduced to one of the great American metal bands)

Skaters "Manhattan" (alty/punkish rock)

Priscilla Ahn "This Is Where We Are" (pretty,lush lady singing)

Yellow Ostrich "Cosmos" (Indie Rock- I should have highlighted this one too..gets better with every listen)

Johnny Winter "True To The Blues: The Johnny Winter Story" (CLASSIC blues/rock...really good)

Cloud Becomes Your Hand "Rocks Or Cakes" (experimental jazz, synth rock? Interesting stuff for sure)

The Family Crest "Beneath The Brine" (orchestral indie rock...another one that keeps sounding better and better)

Here's the full Spotify playlist. Find my lists there at darbyradio.


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