DarbyRadio|Bits&Snatches Podcast #39

It's been some time since I've actually done one of these. I know it's been hard on you. It hasn't.

I'm now listed in Stitcher! I love Stitcher so if you're a user, listen there. Buddy.


It hasn't. Here's what's on tap this time around:

  • Viking Apocalypse
  • Urine Perfume
  • Volcanic Eruptions & Global Warming
  • Magnet Man
  • Offensive Tweeting
  • STD Apps
  • Baby Poop Sausage
  • Stripper Surprise
  • Tetris Diets
  • Trillion Dollar Bills and more.

Thanks for your time, brochacho.


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New Music Picks (week Of 2/25/14)

Hey buddy. It's already time for new music. Time to make the donuts. Anybody? Is that too old of a reference? Why the hell are there no Dunkin Donut shops where I live? Lots of questions, ma man.

Hey, if you're in a band, send me your stuff. I'd love to hear it AND I could highlight it here, cementing your rocket ride to fame and fortune. Your call though. If you have digital copies, send them to darby@darbyradio.com . If you prefer to send me a reel to reel and/or cassette tape or super collectible vinyl, send them to:

P.O. Box 271217

Fort Collins, CO


Okay then. On to it. This week doesn't have as many releases  as last week but I've been introduced to some new bands I feel like I'll be listening to forever so it's a great week on that count. Please let me know what you are digging so I can judge you for not having the high brow, cultured taste I have.

Fonograf / Capitol Records

Fonograf / Capitol Records

Beck 'Morning Phase'

If you haven't followed Beck's career after the brilliant 'Odelay' you probably didn't know he had one. He hasn't had many radio hits since then and he's dealt with some health issues including a sever spine injury and, like many artists he's expressed some disillusionment with the music business. I've expressed some too. A lot. I'm so disillusioned with the music industry. This new record is kind of a companion piece to his fantastic 2002 record 'Sea Change'. You won't be jazzercising/moshing to this but it's great, drink coffee and contemplate music. Contemplate, buddy. Contemplate.

So Recordings / Silver Screen Records Ltd.

So Recordings / Silver Screen Records Ltd.

Dinosaur Pile Up 'Nature Nurture'

So, if you're reading this in Europe, first of all Guten Tag. Second, you may already have this record because Dinosaur Pile Up is from Leeds and the album came out last Summer where you are. Must be nice, living in Europe with your free higher education, live and let live attitudes, copious coffee houses and your long mid day naps. Guten. Tag.

Anyway, the main force in this band is a guy named Matthew Bigland who was in a band called Mother Vulpine. He, like you me and everyone else, cites Dave Grohl as his idol and I could hear this band on a bill with Foo Fighters. I really like this a lot. I might start getting angry if this band doesn't see more U.S. success.

Sumerian Records

Sumerian Records

The Kindred "Life In Lucidity"

The Kindred used to be called Today I Caught The Plague so if you knew that band...this is that band. I did not know that band but I do know this record is fantastic. Great musicianship, lyrics and really interesting song structures. I really love this. They've been touring with Between The Buried And Me and Deafheaven. Sweet Mother, what a tour that is. This record has a potential best of 2014 list slot in it's future. It's heavy but full of great melody so, if that's your bag, check it.

Burger Records
Burger Records

Natural Child "Dancin' With Wolves"

This is going to sound even better when the weather finally warms up. Natural Child could have formed 40 years ago. I hear bands like the Eagles, Allman Brothers, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson (both of whom the band cites as influences for this record) and maybe even some Black Crowes in these guys. It's made for sitting on the porch, having some beers (or for those inclined the now legal in Colorado leafy substance) with your friends. In fact, if you don't have a porch, build one to enjoy this album at its fullest. It's worth your time and lumber. I feel like I'll be listening to this one a lot this Summer.


Stone Dwarf / RCA Records

Stone Dwarf / RCA Records

Ray LaMontagne "Supernova (Single)"

I don't typically highlight singles but Ray is one of my all time favorites and I've been listening to this song probably more than I should be. There may be some heretofore undiscovered obsessive traits I possess but that's better left for my weekly, What Is Wrong With Me posts, maybe. If you sing, Ray's voice will piss you off. It's so damn good and you can't practice to get your voice like that. So, stop trying. Give up.

The full length record is out on May 6th.


Okay then. That's some strong stuff up there. Again, I'd love to know what you're into. Musically, I mean.

Here are a few other records worth checking out:

Lamb Of God "Music From The Film As The Palaces Burn (Re-release)" (good way to get introduced to one of the great American metal bands)

Skaters "Manhattan" (alty/punkish rock)

Priscilla Ahn "This Is Where We Are" (pretty,lush lady singing)

Yellow Ostrich "Cosmos" (Indie Rock- I should have highlighted this one too..gets better with every listen)

Johnny Winter "True To The Blues: The Johnny Winter Story" (CLASSIC blues/rock...really good)

Cloud Becomes Your Hand "Rocks Or Cakes" (experimental jazz, synth rock? Interesting stuff for sure)

The Family Crest "Beneath The Brine" (orchestral indie rock...another one that keeps sounding better and better)

Here's the full Spotify playlist. Find my lists there at darbyradio.


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Science Corner – Swedish Self Driving Cars (Audio/Video)

When you're Swedish you get to be super attractive, wear fantastic sweaters, speak a language NO ONE else in the world will ever be able to learn, enjoy a litany of top shelf melodic death metal. Everyone knows that. Add drinking espresso whilst driving in the future to the many reasons being Swedish is pretty awesome. See video proof above.

I'll also discuss yet another way the man wants to track your business. The man IS tracking your business. Know it.

Batten down your science hatches.



Nuclear Blast Records

Nuclear Blast Records


Anytime I do a Swedish story I like to highlight some Swedish Melodic Death Metal and you can't beat In Flames on that front. Start with 'Clayman' then work back through their early stuff then move forward to their most recent work. That's what I did.

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Bits & Snatches Quickie : Bad, Rich Parents, FB Knows You, Spanking Bears (Audio)

Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records


In this thrilling Bits & Snatches Quickie, I discuss how lucky you are to NOT have rich parents. I pity those with rich parents. Poor, rich bastards. The next story just further solidifies my stance regarding Facebook and its eventual ruination of our society/civilization and I'll wrap things up with a story about spanking bears. That is NOT a euphemism for something else. It should be though. Start trying to get that out there with phrases like "He was spanking the bear, if you know what I'm sayin' (pervy laugh)."

Click and be dazzled!

Oh, I used the Sahg album cover in this post because the record is awesome. It has nothing to do with anything. Just a reminder.

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Metallica, Lang Lang ‘One’ Rehearsal Video Released (Video)

I've always been fascinated by video like this. I think it's cool to see creative people create their creations. This is like watching one of those cooking shows but instead of food, all the ingredients are ROCK.

Obviously this is Metallica so some people are just going to hate it out of the gate because that's how you do. Hater.

Since their performance on the Grammys I've spent some time listening to Lang Lang's stuff and he's really great. PLUS, his first name and last name are the same. That's not just easy for him, it's easy for all of us. I have a lot of crap to remember on a  given day and I can appreciate the kind gesture his parents made by naming giving him the same first name as his last name. You should do that for your next kid: Johnson Johnson or Smith Smith. Make it easy on all of us.

Metallica is/are working on the follow-up to 'Death Magnetic'. They're probably doing it RIGHT now. Whoa.

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New Music Picks (2-19-14)

Man, this is one of those sneak up on me with S tons of great music weeks. Some bands I love like Cynic and Sahg released great new records but there were so many cool surprises this week from bands I'd never heard of before. There just really isn't a bad release week these days, man. There is SO much music being made and it's so accessible. Anyone who says there isn't any good music out there is just lazy. Not you. Unless it is you.


Speaking of lazy, I would be typing all day if I highlighted ALL of the cool releases this week so I'll highlight a few but list the rest.  I try to post a good cross-section of different styles so, again, this list is not just a rock/metal list.

Remember, if you're on Spotify, let's connect. I'm at darbyradio.

Okay then, ma man, here are my new music picks for the week of 2-18-14.


Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records


Sahg 'Delusions Of Grandeur'

Sahg is, I guess, Norwegian doom-y metal. I'm bad with the sub-sub-sub-su genres mainly because it's stupid. These guys always put out good stuff. This is their 4th record and if you liked their others, you'll dig this. This is good if you dig heavy but also dig strong melody and singing rather than demonic howling. I like all of those things by the way.




Seasons Of Mist Records

Seasons Of Mist Records


Cynic 'Kindly Bent To Free Us'

I LOVE this band. I've always loved this band and anytime they release new music I will tell as many people as I can. These guys fit into that interesting space of being called a metal band but not being heavy enough for some to consider metal. I've always played them on the metal shows I've done but they really are more prog rock than metal (especially now). Regardless of all that nonsense, these guys are great players and this is GREAT headphone music. I envy you if this is your first time hearing them because you are SO going to have a special moment..so special. WAY special.



Jagjaguwar Records

Jagjaguwar Records

Angel Olsen 'Burn Your Fire For No Witness'

Maybe you knew who Angel Olsen was because you're so damn hip but I didn't and she's fantastic. It's darker singer, songwriter stuff that I will likely listen to after I've committed my first serious crime. It has that contemplative, what in the world did I just do vibe going for it. Cool stuff, man.



The Compound / Godhunter

The Compound / Godhunter / Battleground Records

Godhunter 'City Of Dust'

Another super cool record from  a band I'd never heard of before. So cool. These guys are out of Tuscon and they are good. That's all I know. I also know that I couldn't find an official video from them and I won't post YouTube bootleggery but you CAN stream the record (legally) here.



Blue Note Records

Blue Note Records

Takuya Kuroda 'Rising Son'

Really cool jazz trumpet stuff. It will make you wish you still had that trumpet from high school because you KNOW you could play this stuff...but you couldn't. Someone has to be honest with you about that. I'll be that guy.



Universal Republic

Universal Republic

Ida Maria 'Accidental Happiness'

This chick is probably cooler than you. I knew nothing about her until I clicked play. I still don't know a lot. I do know she is Norwegian even though I really think it should be Norwayan. She has  super cool, gruffness to her voice. This is another one I couldn't find a legit sample from so, you're kind of on your own. Teach a man to fish and all that....


And that's all the time I have. Here's a quick list of some other cool records to check out:

Artificial Brain 'Labyrinth Constellation'  [Metal]

Cripple Bastards 'Nero In Metastasi' [Metal]

Eligh & The Grouch 'The Tortoise And The Crow' [Hip Hop]

Falls 'Into The Fire' [Folk]

St. Paul & The Broken Bones 'Half The City' [R&B]

Kiven 'Kiven' [Rock]

Guster 'One Man Wrecking Machine' [Rock]


Here's the Spotify List:



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