I know as a guy who has been on the radio for nearly 20 years I should say I get all of my music from said medium but I would be lying and I will never lie to you...unless I have something to gain- especially financially. In that case, I will TOTALLY lie to you. It may be best for you to just hand over those CC digits now and save both of us (but mostly me) a lot of hassle.

Although I do get my music from various sources, radio still has something the music streaming services don't have - people. People like me. Now that may be a reason you LIKE the streaming services - no people like me. I love technology, man, but you can't digitize humanity and that feeling you can get when your favorite song comes on the radio and you know that thousands of other people are also hearing that song at that exact moment is pretty fantastic. A sense of community is part of music, I think, and I know, on my shows, I try really hard to talk about bands I love even if the station I'm on doesn't play them. Music is and always will be the most powerful art form to me. Radio still has a place in that but it now has a lot more company than it once did. These streaming music services are now a part of our musical lives and they're amazing. For me, MOG was the most amazing of these services due to the fantastic  sound quality (relatively speaking...digital music in general sounds like balls), super user-friendly interface and great music selection. It had nowhere near the subscriber numbers that Spotify has which also maybe added to its appeal for me. I am a rebel. Screw you, the man.

Anyway, Dr. Dre and Trent Reznor have killed MOG and replaced it with Beats Music. Granted I've only used it for a day but so far I don't like it. There's no new releases section. That's nonsensical. Also it feels like I'm swiping nine screens to get where I want to go and it feels like actually playing just one album or multiple albums on a playlist is pretty clunky...if it's even possible at all. Is it, Dr. Dre? Is it? What kind of Dr. are you anyway? I though doctors were in the business of saving things. Doctors shouldn't destroy things. Don't you take an oath of some sort?

There is a feature called The Sentence where you essentially tell Beats what you're doing and it tailors a list to fit the task at hand. Beats is REALLY nosey. It's a cute idea but I haven't found it to be very accurate. Also there's no native iPad app which is pretty ridiculous in this day and age. Yes, I know there are bigger problems in the world but MOG was my daily music pal and now MOG is going away (it will be officially dead in April but they're not adding any new music to it between now and then). I feel the same way you feel when your favorite radio station changes format. Not that I have any experience with that.

So I'm now on the hunt for my new MOG and it really boils down to Spotify, RDIO or this Beats thing. Your comments, experience and input are welcome here. What do you use? I know a lot of people use Pandora but that's never been my bag.

I'll miss you MOG. You were the best.


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New Music Picks (1/15/14)

First New Music Tuesday post of the year and there's some cool stuff already. As always, I encourage you to post comments about what you are digging. You won't though. You never do. This is a pretty one-sided bloglationship we have. I don't JUST listen to rock/metal and these lists reflect that. Stop sending me e-mails reminding me that I work for rock stations. I am aware.


Bruce Springsteen 'High Hopes'

Columbia Records

Columbia Records

I don't know man, this guys just doesn't release crap. You can always count on him to deliver and he does it again here. If, for some ABSURD reason, you don't have any interest in Bruce, check it out to hear the always fantastic guitar work by Tom Morello. 'American Skin (41 Shots), 'Harry's Place) and 'The Ghost Of Tom Joad' are some Morello highlights.

This record is a collection of cover songs Bruce has been singing live over the years, reworked versions of older Boss songs and includes tracks not released from previous albums. Usually when an artist releases songs that were 'previously unreleased' there is a reason. I don't know what the reason was here because songs like 'Harry's Place' and 'Down In The Hole' sound WAY too good to not be released.

Bruce is an American treasure. A treasure! I think when the day comes that he leaves this world, we should put him in a glass display case like Russia did with Stalin...wait...Lenin....Harrison? Whatever.


American Skin

Frankie Fell In Love

Down In The Hole


 The Dead Weather 'Open Up' & 'Rough Detective'


Third Man Records

Third Man Records

Speaking of national treasures, Jack White...is one too. If he releases it, I will listen to it. In addition to White, The Dead Weather features Alison Mosshart from a  really cool band called The Kills,  The Raconteurs' Jack Lawrence and  Dean Fertia from Queens Of The Stone Age. EVERYONE knows QUOTSA is probably the coolest rock and roll band on Earth right now...as aside.

Anyway The Dead Weather will be releasing 2 singles at a time bewtixt now and 2015 when they'll all be offered as one complete record (the band's third) on Jack's Third Man Records label. That's likely the way it will be done by most everybody in the future - when we're all wearing one piece jumpsuits, commuting via jetpack.

 Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings 'Give The People What They Want'


Daptone Records

Daptone Records

Man I love this band. This record could have been released 40 years ago but doesn't sound old. Their sound is just timeless. This is great Sunday morning listening. This record was scheduled to be released last year until Sharon was diagnosed with stage-two pancreatic cancer. Thankfully she's healthy now and this new record is certainly proof that the world is better for it.


 James LaBrie  'I Will Not Break'

Inside Out Records

Inside Out Records

Dream Theater singer James LaBrie's new digital E.P. is heavier than the most recent Dream Theater record. DT has always been a mixed bag for me. I've REALLY liked some of their stuff and really disliked some of their stuff so I never know which way it will go when I listen to something new from them. Same goes for this EP. This will go in my Dream Theater related stuff I like pile. There isn't an actual pile. It's an imaginary pile really.


And that's the list for this week. I'm also digging the De La Terra (feat. Andreas Kisser of Sepultura), Eternal Summers and Rosanne Cash records. The Pixies released a new EP too.


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Knock It Off Dummies : Bleach Facials And Weapons In Genital Edition (Audio)

Do I need to say more than that headline already said? It's my favorite new feature on the show. I'll tell you about some dummies then I will tell them to knock it off. I will also offer to shave my armpits.

Click and enjoy!

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Your Hot Tub Rash Is Disgusting (Science Corner)

As a general rule I steer clear of public hot tubs based solely on the fact that half-naked strangers have been sitting (at best) in luke warm water. You don't get to bitch about skin discomfort after hopping out of the public hot tub. There can't possibly be a better breeding ground for germs. You may as well just lick complete strangers and cut to the chase. Gross.

Anyway, a new study by the CDC says betwixt 2009-2010, 40 percent of recreational water related disease outbreaks occurred betwixt February and March. You get hot tub rash (I'm not posting the Latin name..don't pretend you speak Latin) by getting in skeezy hot tubs and frankly, you have it coming. Stop getting in skeezy hot tubs. That's, coincidentally, my creedo and I have it tramp stamped as a lasting reminder. It's a good rule of thumb to live by,

I should really end it there but I should point out, not ALL hot tubs are skeezy but if you're suffering from good time symptoms like pus-filled blisters around hair follicles you may have Hot Tub Rash, ma man. Congratulations.

Experts say to avoid pus-filled blisters, NEVER leave your house. Ever. In fact abstain from human contact of any kind if you want to be safe. They also say take a shower before you get in the hot tub but how in the hell will that help me? That just helps the next guy and, man, I have WAY too much going on to worry about that. Additionally they warn those suffering from diarrhea to stay away from public bodies of water. File that under 'Stuff You Should Never Need To Be Told'.

The best thing to do is get your own hot tub and NEVER let anyone else get in. It might get weird when your friends come over and you make them sit in lawn chairs while you enjoy the satisfying pulsation of precision jets but it's better than pus filled blisters around hair follicles and they can get their own damn hot tub.

I DID just write about that to gross you out. Gross.

Happy hot tubbing buddy.

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Great News For Stalkers! [Science Corner] (Audio)

Prepare to be scienced. Batten down your Science Hatches. I am so going to science you right now.

In this edition of Science Corner I discuss a great new app for stalkers and a great new app for slouchers. You should get both if you're a slouchy stalker.




Video of the stalker app here:

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