Tony Iommi Teaches You How To Play Sabbath Riffs (Video)

Tony Iommi is in Black Sabbath. He is a riffmaster. He may, in fact, be the RiffMaster General. Don't think that just because you watch this video you will be a riffmaster like him. You won't. Find a more attainable goal or prepare to live a life full of disappointment. Maybe don't even watch this....sad....


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Avenged Sevenfold Talk Integrity (Video)

As I predicted (ONLY ME), there are some 'fans' who find themselves upset with the direction of the new Avenged Sevenfold album, Hail To The King. Whiners. They went for a more old school, 90's metal vibe and I dig it. Watch them discuss that in the video. On a side note, is M(ortimer) Shadows wearing one of those hats with hair attached to it like that Rico Suave guy from the early 90's? They ARE old school!!!

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Health Tips From Metallica (Video)

Metallica held a press conference in Singapore. Man, do I have some wild (made up) memories of Singapore. Those were some wild (completely fabricated) times, my man. Anyway, in this clip they're asked how they stay in shape. No one ever asks me that.

The band's new film, Metallica Through The Never will make its world premiere on Monday, September 9th at the Toronto Film festival before opening on September 27th at IMAX theaters and expanding to additional screens on October 4th.

Metallica will also play a special show at the Apollo Theater in New York City on September 21st to promote the movie. I hope it's as good as Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park.

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Bits & Snatches : Recycled Radio (#33)

This week I've cobbled together some radio gold from various shows on the following subjects:

-Apps tracking your thrusts per minute

-A man who is perpetually happy

-A sexy, hot exoplanet

-Peppermint penises

-Unearthed cat corpses

-Hearts and air conditioners

-Sculpted baby bumps

-Buddy moons

I'll say from the get go that this thing is way too long....leaving you time to make a childish, pervy comment.....but it's on the internet. Pace yourself, man.

Check out this episode

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Corey Taylor’s Favorite Ghost Movies (Video)

Have you ever though to yourself, "What are Corey Taylor's favorite Ghost movies?" You have? Hmm. I guess that's not too sad. It's pretty sad though. Maybe even stalker-ish. Creep.

He is promoting his book A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Heaven, a romance novel set in Elizabethan England. RIght? That's the gist, yeah?

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