Metallica Keeps Doing Cool Sh*t (Video)

I know you want to whine about Metallica. It's kind of what people do. I've never understood it. The only explanation I can come up with is the fact that they're one of the last world changing bands that will ever exist and with that comes an S ton of criticism.

This past Saturday at the Orion Music + More festival they played a surprise set which consisted of Kill 'Em All in its entirety. The schedule listed a band called Dehaan (taken from the last name of actor Dane Deahaan who stars in 'Metallica:Through The Never') as the band in the slot. The band in that slot turned out to be Metallica. I KNOW. It IS cool.

The video clip shows James Hetfield introducing the band. How many bands of their stature do cool sh*t like this? Not many.


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New Music Tuesday (On A Friday)

Finding blog time is hard. Someday I'll train Zippy The Cussing Cockatoo to type this stuff for me. Someday. Again, as a reminder, this is stuff I like, not a complete list of releases. Every week, I get a "how could you not list ___________?" e-mail. Stop harassing me. Bullies.

My picks this week:

Queens Of The Stone Age "Like Clockwork"

This record is SO good. In fact, you'll note the blankness below indicating that I have not listened to anything BUT this record all week. There are other releases this week I WANT to listen to like Megadeth 'Super Collider', Portugal The Man 'Evil Friends', Rogue Wave 'Nightingale Floors' , Naam 'Vow' and Filter 'The Sun Comes Out Tonight' but I haven't. At all.

The Queens record has everything you need: guitar riffs, memorable melodies, guest stars (Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, Elton John etc.) and an incredible over all feel. The vibe is there, man. The vibe is there. Josh Homme is brilliant. This may be his best work ever.

Stop reading this and listen to it. Did you even read this at all? Did I really type it?

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New Nine Inch Nails (Audio)

Proof that my stalking of Trent Reznor has paid off! The new Nine Inch Nails record has a name and a release date: Hesitation Marks, will be released on September 3rd through Columbia Records. Fans who pre-order Hesitation Marks on iTunes will instantly receive a download of  the first single, "Came Back Haunted."

You can also listen to it here sans pre-order.

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