M.I.L.T. (Music I’m Listening To) 5-20-13

Hey. Bros. I haven't posted here in a while and I know you've TOTALLY noticed. I have some cool, heavier music recordings I want to share with you. Check them out.

Kadavar "Abra Kadavar"

They don't have an actual website. They should call me. They have huge beards though. Cool, stoner-y stuff.

Leprous "Coal"

These guys DO have a site but it's awful. They should call me too. The record is way better than their site though.

Orchid "Mouths Of Madness"

Again, no website. What in the world? They, too, should call me. What is this the 70's? Cool, doom-y stuff out of San Francisco.

Hit me with the stuff you're digging...


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New Music Tuesday (5-7-13)

I DO know it's Wednesday but thanks for thinking I'm not day aware. Ass. This was an interesting release week. I find myself digging more country than rock or metal this week. I do have one REALLY cool metal record on the list though. This is just a list of music released on 5-7-13 that I am digging. Please comment/tweet/e-mail/facebook me with your picks.

My picks for the week:

Natalie Maines "Mother"

Natalie Maines "Mother"


Natalie Maines is the singer for The Dixie Chicks (whom I LOVE). You can heckle The Dixie Chicks for being country but that country band showed bigger balls than ANY rock band did when they spoke out against then President GW Bush. Country radio KILLED them for it and their career took a big hit even though the last Chicks record was brilliant.

This is about Natalie's masterpiece-y new record though. It's SO DAMN GOOD. Her voice is one of those God's gift voices. The disc was produced by Ben Harper. BEN HARPER. If you think you're too cool for Ben Harper...you aren't. No one is.

Featuring a risky but worth the risk cover of "Mother" by Pink Floyd, along with Eddie Vedder covers and songs written by Ben Harper, it's going to be one of those , 'always in my rotation' records.

Pistol Annies "Annie Up"

Pistol Annies "Annie Up"


I TOLD you it was a country-ish week for me. Pistol Annies are Miranda Lambert (Lone Star Annie), Ashley Monroe (Hippie Annie) and Angaleena Presley (Holler Annie) and they are badasses. It has WAY more in common with old school country than it does with the Kenny Chesney/ Brad Paisley nonsense. Granted that nonsense is selling about 32 million records a minute. If you just hate country because you hate it, then move on but if you dislike current radio country and like it old school, try this.

If you DO like current radio country (and I like a lot of it too, ma man), you'll still like this.

I'm not going to list it here but I am also digging the new Lady Antebellum. Yeah.


In The Silence "A Fair Dream Gone Mad"

In The Silence "A Fair Dream Gone Mad"


Assuming any of my metal peeps are still reading. Did the country run you off? Come back, buddy. You'll dig this one if you dig Katatonia, Opeth, Porcupine Tree etc. I KNOW you love those bands, so do I!

In The Silence hails from the same area of the world as the above bands- Opeth is from Sacramento, right? No? I don't really know HOW music like this comes from Sacramento but it's such a cool record. I only listened because I liked the cover art and the title, not knowing ANYTHING about the band at all. This one's a gem. You'll never remember I introduced you to them but I will. I WILL.

If you're not a metal aficionado and/or the cookie monster vocals turn you off, you should give bands like this a go.

Atmospheric, heavy, melodic. Excellent. I'll be listening to this for some time to come. They're already been added to my Opeth/Katatonia/Porcupine Tree mix.

Fantastic rainy day stuff...


Others I'm Enjoying:

She & Him "Volume# 3" [Alt/Indie] - She is  Zoey Deschanel, He is M. Ward. I'm a huge M. Ward fan.

Noah And The Whale  "Heart Of Nowhere" [Alt/Indie]

Mikal Cronin "MC3" [Alt/Indie]

Patty Griffin "American Kid" [Folk]- Beautiful stuff. Her boyfriend used to sing in Led Zeppelin.

Various Artists "Great Gatsby OST" [Soundtrack]- Jack White's cover of U2's"Love Is Blindness" is COOL.

What are you listening to?


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Happy Birthday Alex Van Halen (Video)

Alex Van Halen turns 60 today. Wild, man. Due to his brother's Guitar God Genius, he doesn't always get his due. It's like playing basketball along side Michael Jordan. That's not to say Alex is Scottie Pippen though. HE's WAY better than Scottie Pippen.

He's on the all time rock and roll drummer list- top 10 easy.

When I was a kid I watched Van Halen : Live Without A Net (on VHS...damn right) literally 1 zillion times. Literally. This clip is the solo from it. If you are a drummer, watch it, then feel justifiably not worthy.

Yeah, 1 zillion. Literally.


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