Slipknot On SNL

It's really up to you, if you want to see Slipknot on SNL. You only have yourself to blame if it doesn't happen. I know I'm supposed to hate SNL but I think the current cast does some pretty funny stuff. Corey Taylor is a funny guy too. They could use him in a 'skit'. They call them 'skits'.


This is what Slipknot looks like.

This is what Slipknot looks like.


Add your name to the ONLY petition on Facebook. Someone else should try the online petition thing. No one is doing that. Much like no one else is posting smartass, nonsensical posts and calling it a 'blog'. I'm an original. I'm also wearing a Slipknot mask. I sleep in one every night.

Slipknot on SNL Petition is here.


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Metallica’s Orion Music Festival Details

Ma main man, Lars Ulrich has confirmed the Metallica Museum will again be a part of their Orion Music + More Festival. The festival takes place in "America's Worst City", Detroit, Michigan. That's the official Detroit tourism slogan. I think it's a bit off putting but I'm not one to argue with dudes from Detroit.

Directly from

"We're bringing back the Metallica Museum in 2013, so stay tuned for more details and information about all of the awesome memorabilia we'll have on hand in Detroit! Classic Metallica guitars (including the last bass that Cliff Burton ever played), amps, lyrics, merchandise, stage props and more . . . except this time it will be BIGGER and BADDER!"


James Hetfield's Custom Car & Motorcycle Show, Kirk Hammett's Crypt, Lars Ulrich's Hit the Lights Film Tent and Robert Trujillo's Vans Vert Ramp will also return.

This year's bands include  Red Hot Chili PeppersRise AgainstDeftonesSilversun PickupsBassnectarGogol Bordello,TomahawkThe Joy FormidableThe BronxDropkick Murphy and more.

You should buy the new Tomahawk, Joy Formidable and The Bronx records right now. Now. Do it. Do it.

Here is some footage I (or someone else) shot of Metallica's performance of the entire Black Album from last year's festival.

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Yelling At Babies, Ruining Easter, It’s A Small World Terror (Podcast #25)

Today I'll discuss a man being trapped in the It's A Small World ride, the harmful effects of yelling at babies (even though you want to), a watch that tracks hand washing, people wanting to ruin easter and the story behind the photo you see below. Penis face.

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He has a penis on his face!

He has a penis on his face!

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Stone Sour Issue New Video (Video)

Stone Sour has issued a new music video for "Do Me A Favor," the first official single from the band's upcoming album House Of Gold And Bones, Part 2. You know there is a story on these records. I don't really know what it is but I really dig the music.

Here is a brief synopsis of the concept:

Ricky was a young boy. He had a heart of stone. He lived 9 to 5 and worked his fingers to the bone.

Johnny, on the other hand, used to work on the dock until the damn union went on strike. He's down on his luck. It's tough.

So. Tough.

I'm told those are lyrics from non Stone Sour songs. THAT was a waste of typing.

Here's the REAL synopsis:

"Trapped in an alternate reality, the Human must make his way to the House of Gold & Bones as he is chased by a crazed mob and taunted by mysterious ally Allen. What the Human discovers on his journey will be his salvation . . . or his destruction. 18 and life you've got it. 18 and life to go."

I added the last bit.

House Of Gold And Bones (Part 2) is out on April 9th.

Here's the video:

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